Gradcivil2On June 5, 2020, the sixth graduation of students of the dual degree programme KSUAE-University of East London (UEL) in the area of "Civil Engineering" took place at our University. The presentations of graduation projects took place online. All presentations were entirely in English.

The rector of KSUAE, Prof. Rashit Nizamov, noting the long-term delivery of the British programme at our University, its achievements wished successful presentations to the graduates.
The examination Board consisted of the professors from the University of East London:
Peter Lakin - expert and senior lecturer in the field of BIM technologies and engineering surveys, Honorary Professor of KSUAE;
Fawad Inam - Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Programs, Professor of Mechanical Engineering;
as well as the teaching staff of the Institute of Construction of KSUAE, involved in the delivery of the programme in this area.

The topics of the presentations were topical issues of construction of multifunctional high-rise and residential buildings, parking spaces, a combined-type overpass, an exhibition pavilion, reconstruction of drainage systems and sections of highways. The Board noted the diversity of the problems touched in the construction industry. Colleagues from the University of East London noted the high quality of the completed projects and the competent use of professional terminology in English.

We congratulate the graduates of 2020 with the completion of the Programme and with that in addition to the Russian bachelor's degree of KSUAE, they will get its international (British) equivalent - from the University of East London!

The KSUAE-UEL dual degree programmes have been delivered at our University since 2012.

Remote meeting between the KSUAE and the University of East London


The administrators of the British programme at KSUAE held a remote meeting with the heads, tutors and teachers of the University of East London (UEL) in order to discuss the success of cooperation between KSUAE and UEL for recent 8 years, the results achieved and ways to resolve issues that arise during the delivery of the dual degree programme between the two universities.

Agreements were reached on the continuation of the delivery of the programme, closer interaction of the teaching staff on both sides, on the organization of additional advanced training of the teaching staff of KSUAE on behalf of the UEL, as well as on increasing the number of UEL lectures and master classes for the programme students starting from the new academic year.

UEL staff expressed their deep gratitude to KSUAE for the successful organization of the educational process within the programme and compliance with the terms of the annual examination sessions and reporting. The meeting participants wished each other successful and fruitful work, despite the prevailing circumstances in connection with the Covid-2019 pandemic.

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Remote exams within the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL


Students of the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL ("Civil Engineering" and "Architecture") passed exams remotely.

During the period of distance learning within the dual degree programme, the online written exams in the areas of Civil Engineering and Architecture with students of the first, second and third years of study were successfully passed. We express special gratitude to the coordinators of two programs in organizing online exams, as well as to the programme administrators.

Currently, online consultations are underway to train the programme graduates 2020 for the final projects presentations.

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Free food packages for international students living in our hostels


On the territory of our campus, free food packages were distributed to foreign students living in KSUAE hostels. About 200 students received kits.

The action was initiated by the University administration which decided to support students who found themselves in a difficult situation during the Covid pandemic lockdown. The food set was formed by the staff of the student canteen. .



Our student as the winner of International Olympiad in Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation!


Our student Guzel Safiullina is the winner of the International Olympiad in Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation (Master's degree)!

On February 26-28, 2020, at the South-West State University (Kursk city), on the basis of the Department of Heat and Gas Supply, the final stage of the International Student Olympiad in the profile "Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation", the level of "Master's degree" was held.

The competition was held in two days. During the first day, students spent four hours solving complicated problems and tests according to the profile. During the second day, they had to complete a creative task, which consisted of conducting an energy audit of a public building, analyzing its design solutions, determining its energy efficiency class, and issuing recommendations for its improvement.

Guzel Safiullina took the FIRST PLACE and the title of the winner of the International Student Olympiad! Our congratulations!

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