KSUAE exposition at the international exhibition ARCH Moscow 2020

KSUAE exposition at the international exhibition ARCH Moscow 2020



At the 25th anniversary International exhibition ARCH Moscow, the KSUAE exposition was presented in the "Architectural

education" section among the leading Moscow architecture universities. Academic staff and students specially for the exhibition invented and prepared an exposition demonstrating the high level of architectural education at our University.

In the exposition, the tutors asked for an answer to the theme of "hybridity" in architecture. Our exhibition is a hybrid of light and shadow, function and form, black and white, which is why it features hand-drawn ink graphics by Tiarch studio students, without the introduction of color.

At the opening of the exhibition, the honored guest was the Chief architect of Moscow, Sergei Kuznetsov, who carefully familiarized himself with the exposition of our University, highly appreciated the presented projects, noticed the excellent hand-drawn graphics and thanked the KSUAE tutors for the presentation.

KSUAE as an independent expert at the major international urban planning competition in Almetyevsk city



The regional oil company TATNEFT organized an open international architectural and urban planning competition for the development of a master plan for the territory adjacent to the national Almetyevsk town reservoir on the river Stepnoy Zay, the total area of ​​the considered territory is more than 1700 hectares.

115 companies from 16 countries took part in the competition, the jury members selected 3 consortia for the final, which continued to work on the project and presented on September 23 in Almetyevsk town.

The jury consisted of representatives of the TATNEFT company, municipal and republican authorities, specialists from Moscow, and also 3 independent experts were invited. As an independent expert at the competition our Associate Professor Ilnar Akhtyamov took part. Experts took part in the jury meeting, asked questions to the teams participating in the finals and presented the results of their comprehensive assessment of projects, according to the competition criteria. After the decision made by the jury the prizes among the finalists were handed over: 1st place - OBERMEYER Сonsult (Munich, Germany); 2nd place - IND Architects (Moscow, Russia); 3rd place - IQ (Moscow, Russia).

Our student - finalist of the International Arch Fentress Global Challenge (USA)

Our student project in the final of the International architectural competition in the USA, Fentress Global Challenge


The Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) is an annual international student architecture competition founded in 2011 by the head of Fentress Architects, Curtis Fentress. Over the years, thousands of participants from 75 countries have fought for major awards of the competition and the opportunity to undergo an internship in a project company.

The competition invites students to imagine the future of the world's 20 largest airports in the distant year 2100. The competition is an extraordinary exploration of the future of architecture and thus promotes the pursuit of innovative solutions in the architecture of public buildings.

The project "Reservation" of our students reached the final of 2020! These are 22 best works selected by a professional jury among works presented from 15 countries of the world.

among our competitors in the final are the best architecture schools in the world, such as Harvard, Bartlett, Cambridge and other leading universities in the USA and Great Britain, as well as architecture schools from China, Canada, France, Poland, Slovenia, Israel, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Fentress Architects is one of the largest design companies in the world, with offices in the US, UK and China, specializing in airport projects founded by Curtis Fentress in 1980. The company has an estimated portfolio of over $ 43 billion, completed projects serving more than 650 million people annually, and has won over 550 design and innovation awards.

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KSUAE application selected for EU co-funding within the Erasmus+ Programme 2020!



Our University for the third time over the past 8 years has won the grant competition of the European Erasmus + programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; Capacity Building in the field of higher education

Among 88 applications submitted for the competition with the participation of Russian universities, only 12 projects were selected for EU co-funding as the best. Among the winners is our project "Capacity Building in Sustainability for Architectural Heritage (SAH)" with the participation of KSUAE as part of an international consortium of 10 universities in Europe (Italy,  Germany, Greece), Russia, Armenia and Iran.

The goal of the project is to jointly develop a new master's program (curricula and courses) in the field of sustainable development of architectural heritage, as well as to create innovative infrastructure in the context of growing interest in architectural heritage as a source of sustainable development of a territory with long-term socio-cultural and economic effect around the world.

This project is very important and relevant not only for our University, but also for Russia as a whole. The use of European experience the field will make it possible to train specialists capable of solving modern strategic tasks of sustainable development of the architectural heritage. The project will be implemented over three years (2020-2023). 

Congratulations to all the winners and wish you fruitdful realizationf of all projects!






graduationarch2020On June 8-9, 2020, the sixth graduation of 16 students of the dual degree programme KSUAE-University of East London (UEL) in the area of "Architecture" took place at our University. The presentations of graduation projects took place online. All presentations were entirely in English. The examination Board consisted of professors from the University of East London:
- Renee Tobe - Doctor of Architecture, Head of Research Programs in the History and Theory of Architecture, Professor; Honorary Professor of KSAUE; an active participant in all ongoing joint projects and events in architecture;
- Alex Scott-Whitby - Senior Lecturer in Architecture; founder and head of the ScottWhitbyStudio architectural studio; Honorary Citizen of the City of London (the title is awarded to Britons and foreigners who have contributed to the improvement of business relations between the United Kingdom and other countries, as well as achieved success and recognition in their field); currently leads one of three international teams in the final of the open international architectural and urban planning competition for the development of a general layout of the territory in the city of Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan; very interested in cooperation with our university and alumni of our program;
- Maria Alessandra Segantini - professor of architecture; director of the architectural studio "C + S Architects" (London, Venice); author of numerous architectural projects; participant of the international conference KSUAE STCCE-2020;
as well as the teaching staff of the Institute of Architecture and Design of KSUAE, involved in the delivery of the programme.

The topics of the projects were various topical issues of architectural design: a multifunctional e-sports complex, reorganization of retail spaces of markets, a rehabilitation center for medical and social assistance for children and adolescents, residential, tourist, museum complexes, residential buildings, a biopark and many other interesting architectural projects.

Students successfully answered numerous questions from foreign experts. In the meantime. Colleagues from the University of East London noted the high quality of the projects completed, the unusual presentation format and the competent use of professional terminology in English. In addition, they gave each student some recommendations for even more successful implementation of future architectural projects, focusing on the sustainable development of the designed territories, ecosystem, landscape, which are important components in the world architectural activity.

All Board members wished the graduates success in their future careers and the implementation of their projects. We congratulate the graduates of 2020 with the completion of the Programme and with that in addition to the Russian bachelor's degree of KSUAE, they will get its international (British) equivalent - from the University of East London!

The KSUAE-UEL dual degree programmes have been delivered at our University since 2012.