Youth policy is a priority area of our University. KSUAE is a big and friendly team of a truly creative, talented and ambitious people, with all the conditions for realization of students' creativity.

Student life at KSUAE is full of bright events such as “Mister and Miss KSUAE“ “Student of the year”, “Freshman's day”, “Foreign Student’s Day”, New year Masquerade ball, “Tatyana’s Day” (Student’s Day), “Students Spring”, military-patriotic game “Zarnitza (Summer lightning)”, activists forum etc.

Students can take an active part in public life of the University. The most important Student organizations of KSUAE are Student council and Headquarter of the student brigade.


studsovetStudent Council

The Student Council of KSUAE is a student governing body which represents the interests of our students. Student Council members are leaders of student associations. Chairman of the Student Council is elected by the Assembly of leaders of the Student Associations of KSUAE by open vote.



Contact details of our Student Council

Kalinina Street, 43, Academic building No.3, 2nd floor, room 3-221
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Alexander Karpov, Chairman of the Student Council


studotryadHeadquarter of the student brigade

This is a team of our students working on various construction projects, proving the honor of the University all over Russia. Our teams participated in various construction sites, from residential buildings, roads to sports stadiums and oil refineries: Universiade-2013 facilities in Kazan, Olympic Games-2014 facilities in Sochi, oil refinery "TANEKO" in Nizhnekamsk city (near Kazan), Federal highway Chita-Khabarovsk, drilling base on peninsula Yamal, construction of "Vostochny" cosmodrome in Amur region Russia), “The peaceful atom” in Ozersk as well as many other objects in our home city of Kazan.

If you want to gain real experience in construction of buildings, structures and roads, you can join the student brigade of KSUAE.

Contact information:


associationinostrAssociation of Foreign Students and Postgraduates of the city of Kazan

International students of our University can join the large foreign student community of all our city universities through the Association of Foreign Students and Postgraduates of the city of Kazan. The Association was found in 2007 to unite all foreign students studying at different universities of Kazan. The objectives of the Association are:

- Strengthening of mutual understanding between foreign and Russian students

- Protection and representation of rights for foreign students

- Assistance in the social adaptation of foreign students

The Association organizes events, contests, conferences for foreign students of our city. Such as beauty and talent contest “Pearl of the world”, Russian language contest, all-Russian festival “Dialogue of Cultures” and others.



studentlife1KSUAE is the most sports-oriented University in our region, the Republic of Tatarstan.

There is an opportunity to do sports for the masters of sports and all the people willing to improve their health in KSUAE.

We rank first in the Games of Tatarstan universities in team scoring in 32 kinds of sport competitions.

The team of the University staff is the Game winner among the Tatarstan universities in team total for eight consecutive years.

Our students usually take part at the major sports and athletic Contest between students of all local universities called "Spartakiad". Besides, throughout the whole academic year students, professors and the university staff take part at the university Spartakiad, the contest between the University Institutes. Students can compete in such sports like: Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Athletics, Ping pong, Skiing, Chess, Swimming, Badminton and Orienteering.

Here you can see our University Sports facilities