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Since its foundation, the Institute of Civil Engineering has always been at the forefront of science, development of the construction industry, being not only a center for training highly qualified specialists, but also actively involved in the design and construction of civil and industrial facilities. The results of the scientific-technical activities of the Institute can be seen not only in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan and the regions of the Volga region, but also in many cities of the Russian Federation.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering began to function from the first days of the establishment of the Kazan Institute of Public Construction in 1930. In 1934, the construction specialty got the name "Industrial and Civil Engineering", which has been preserved to present.

The Civil Engineering Faculty, being for a long time the only faculty, united all the departments of the Institute. In 1956, the faculty had 12 departments, 3 independent courses, 13 classrooms and 5 laboratories. In subsequent years, on the basis of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, new faculties were developed and part of the departments and laboratories were assigned to them.

Since 1968, the Faculty of Civil Engineering has comprised 8 departments: architecture, architectural design, building structures, technology and mechanization of construction, structural mechanics, organization and economics of construction, descriptive geometry and graphics, philosophy and scientific communism. In addition to the main specialty "Industrial and civil engineering", the Faculty began to deliver other courses: "Agricultural construction", "Architecture", "Economics and management in construction", etc.

Nowadays the Institute of Civil Engineering is one of the largest structural subdivisions of the University, graduating specialists (engineers, bachelors and masters) in all areas of the main construction activity. The institute has 7 departments. About 1500 students of the Institute are trained by 120 teachers, and annually more than 50 people undergo professional retraining.

Research of the Institute is carried out in the following areas:

·  Foundations and basements, dynamics of structures and engineering geology

·  Reinforced concrete and stone structures

·  Mechanics

·  Engineering technologies

·  Physics, electrical engineering and automatics

·  Information technology and computer aided design

·  Metal structures and construction tests


The Institute offers the following academic Undergraduate courses for BSc degree (4 years):

  • Civil engineering / Industrial and civil engineering (full time / part time / distance tuition)
  • Information systems and technologies / Information systems and technologies


The Institute offers Specialist’s degree course (6 years full time tuition):

  • Construction of unique buildings and structures / Construction of high-rise and long-span buildings and structures


The Institute offers the following academic Graduate courses for MSc degree (2 years):

  • Civil Engineering (full time tuition; code 08.04.01)
    • Theory and design of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings
    • Theory and design of foundations, basements and underground structures
    • Theory and practice of organizational and technological and economic solutions
    • Technical operation and reconstruction of buildings and structures
    • Theoretical basis and practical calculation methods of building structures
    • Information systems and technologies in architecture, civil and geotechnical engineering