STEPS to Apply to our University (in case if you already know Russian language):
1. Choose Study Programme 
2. Learn about Financing & Scholarships 
3. Get the Certificate of Recognition of your previous Education documents
4. Prepare and send your Document Package
5. Undergo entry exams
6. Get an Invitation and Apply for a Student Visa
7. Pay the study fee and dormitory cost
8. Start studying

Step 1:

To be admitted to all our degree courses the first and the most important thing is to know Russian language. You should be able to read, write and speak Russian well. So you should submit a relevant certificate of Russian language or if you do not speak Russian you have to take any Russian language courses and get a relevant certificate, before proceeding to our academic degree course. You are welcome to our Russian language courses.

If you already know Russian language and you will have a relevant certificate at the moment of entry exams, you should choose the programmes of study of your interest here: BSc courses or MSc courses.

Step 2: 

Be aware of that fact: all international students don't get any scholarships from our University.  The scholarships for international citizens to study for free in any Russian University are given only by Russian government in case of your timely application on the website. Usually you can start to apply for such scholarships annually starting from October-November. 

All necessary steps to apply for the scholarship can be found on the portal of the state information system "Study in Russia".
Step 3:

Important!!! You should also provide beforehand the legalization of your previous education documents: school certificate ((in case of applying for a Bachelor degree) or university degree certificate (in case of applying for a Master degree). They should be officially stamped first in your country and then be officially recognized by our government in Moscow getting the Certificate of Recognition (if needed, depending on your country). For additional information how to get the Certificate of Recognition click here. 

This Certificate of Recognition should be submitted to our University till starting date of exams, i.e. till July. Its copy should be sent to our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Step 4:

Starting from the middle of April till 07 July you should send to our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following documents:

   -  Application Form indicating all your details highlighted in yellow; then to be signed, scanned and sent us back;

  -   Copy of your travel passport valid not less 18 months (1st page) from the starting date of the course + its legalized translation into Russian;

  -   Copy of academic certificates of your previous schools, with transcript of records + its legalized translation into Russian;

-      Certificate of Recognition of your previous education (if applicable);

  -    Photo (3x4).

Step 5:

ENTRY EXAMS are held in the University offline. You should arrive earlier or in some cases you can pass them Online if you do not manage to arrive on time.

Usually the entry exams start in the first half of July for Bachelor degree programmes.

There are the following entry exams to be taken:

for the programmes in Civil Engineering, Management, Transport:

   only Russian language test (in the period of 18-22 July);

for all Architecture and design programmes

    1. Russian language test and

    2. Professional Drawings that consist of two sections divided in 2 days:
       1. Natural light-tone drawing, and

     2. Composition of geometric bodies (three-dimensional geometric bodies that intersect in space,   partially inserted, "cut" into each other).

      Each drawing lasts about 4 hours. The exam period is 8-11 July.

For all online exams we need your valid Whatsapp number and email where you will be sent the link to exams.

For Master degree programmes the exams are held in August. You should thake the following exams: Russian language test and your Specialization discipline you studied during your Bachelor degree programme. All exams are held in Russian language.

Step 6:

After your successful EXAM RESULTS are known, we start the OFFICIAL INVITATION PROCEDURE (important note: it takes about one month) to let you arrive to our University (if you are not in Russia). You should pay a fee of 500 rubles to issue the invitation letter. You should notify us if you need the accomodation in our student residence or not.

As soon as the invitation is ready we send you by email your invitation document which you will submit to your local Russian Embassy or Consulate and you will be issued the student visa.

After getting your Russian visa you should buy TRAVEL TICKETS to Kazan and inform us about your arrival date.

Attention: In case if you are already in Russia and you need to extend your Russian visa to study in our University from 1st September, you should bring us 1 month before its expiration date (that is in July) the following documents:

- passport; - registration document; - migration card; - 1 photo 3x4; - Russian medical insurance (copy); - receipt of the state fee payment of 1600 roubles; - copy of your fingerprints card.

Step 7:

Within max. 2-3 days of your arrival in Kazan you are OBLIGED to come to our Admission Office to be REGISTERED with our local Immigration Office with the following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and their legally translations into Russian:

-         Passport, Russian visa and Migration card (each: 2 copies)

-         Academic certificates of your previous schools, with transcript of records

-         Medical document (to be accomodated in our student dormitory): Vaccinations, Fluorography certificate and RV, HIV, Hepatitis tests;

-         6 Photos (3x4).

Besides, at the Admission Office you should sign the Study Agreement.

Step 8:

According to the Russian law all students should have the Medical insurance certificate. If you don't have it at the moment of your visit to our Admission Office, we will make it for you. It costs 5000 rubles. Without the medical insurance certificate no students are registered in our local Immigration Office.

Upon your arrival to Kazan you should pay the Tution Fee and the Accomodation cost in our student dormitory (if needed). These payments are made by bank transfer to the University bank account.  The copies of payment receipts should be submitted also to our Admission Office.

As soon as you pay the dormitory cost you should sign the Accomodation Agreement accepting all living rules there.

The ENROLMENT DOCUMENT confirming your student status is issued at the end of August ONLY AFTER STUDY FEE PAID.

CHECK-IN OUR DORMITORY: August 25-31, after its payment and medical certificate submitted.

Step 9:

On 1st of September you START your course.

Step 10:

According to the Russian law during 90 days upon arrival in Russia any foreign citizen should pass obligatory Medical tests (fee 6 050 rubles) in the local clinic at the address in Korolenko Street, 54. Only these tests are recognized for the following step: Fingerprints.

With the results of these tests, also during 90 days after arrival in Russia, students should give Fingerprints at the local passport office. After this procedure you are given an ID card as a foreign national.

The Medical tests are valid for 1 year, the Fingerprints are given only once and valid during the whole period of your stay in Russia.


Our contacts:

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