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“Today’s builder should feel the whole responsibility to society, be honest, have innovative thinking, good sense of humor and love sport…"

Dear Students,

I welcome you warmly on behalf of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE). With over 7,000 students and 1,100 researchers, teaching and administrative staff Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering founded in 1930 is one of the largest innovative Universities in the field of civil engineering and architecture in Russia. Currently our students can choose among more than thirty bachelor, master and post-doctoral courses studying full-time or part-time. Our students have an opportunity to lead research, to study abroad, to participate in internships, and at the same time to be involved in different student organizations and volunteer programmes.

We work hard to ensure that the content of our degrees is current with what is happening in industry. Our industry and employers acknowledge that our graduates are not only well prepared academically but they are also able to work hard, think critically, being creative, solving problems, seeing opportunities, collaborating and working in teams. Our students never hesitate to take up ambitious and complex tasks. We are keen to ensure our students to realize their academic and personal potential and to explore their own creative and technical interests. We are proud of our alumni; many of them start their own construction business and promote their products in the Russian and international markets. Willing to continue their cooperation with KSUAE these employers create experimental laboratories and accept our graduates for internships and employment.

KSUAE has a strong research focus aimed at supporting local, regional and national economic and social development. Engineering solutions developed by our research centers and academic staff are applied all across Russia. We always try to make a breakthrough in priority areas of research, and our strategy follows the action plan to help us achieve the expected results.

We do our best to establish essential conditions for successful development of our international contacts. Our Russian and international colleagues highly appreciate the quality of academic programmes of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering. The University has developed extensive networks with international institutions of higher education and research centers in various research areas. Joint partnerships are often financed by national and European grant agencies ensuring exchange of students and teaching staff to share knowledge and experience. As a result the number of international students willing to have a degree of our University increases every year. We make sure that international students make feel themselves at home and our international visiting professors wish to come again to our country, city and University.


I am deeply convinced that any student coming to our University will feel inspired and see the benefits of studying at our University. Our academic courses will enable graduates to become a highly qualified professional and to make an outstanding career as an engineer, an architect, a scientist or an owner of an innovative business. We have every reason to believe in the bright future of our University and look ahead with optimism.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our University.


Professor Rashit Nizamov