A student visa for entry to Russia is not required for citizens of Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Russia, as well as holders of diplomatic visas. Citizens of other countries must obtain a student visa prior to their arrival in Russia.

How do I get a student visa to study at our University?

1. Before applying for a Russian visa, you must be admitted to the University.

2. Carefully check your passport: its expiry date must be at least 18 months away from your planned date of entry into Russia. It must also contain at least four blank pages for your Russian visa and entry/exit stamps. If you do not have enough blank pages in your passport, you must apply for a new one. The duration of your stay in Russia depends on the expiry date on your passport and your period of enrolment.

3. You need an invitation in order to get an initial single-entry student visa, which will allow you to enter Russia only once and will last for 90 days. A multiple-entry study visa will be issued upon your arrival to Russia.

How can I get an invitation for a student visa?

Your invitation will be sent you by email within 40-45 days from the date when all required documents have been successfully submitted to our Migration Office. We do not advise to book tickets until you receive a visa invitation.

3. Where can I apply for a student visa?

Visit a website of the Russian Embassy or Consulate (please see the full list here) where you plan to get your visa, and check the list of required documents and the procedure. You can book an appointment in advance, but please keep in mind the visa invitation processing time.

If you find an error in your visa, contact the Russian Embassy or Consulate, which issued your visa.