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International Students. Entry Requirements.

Students from many foreign countries are choosing our University as their place of study. At the moment we have about 145 international students from the former CIS countries, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Congo, Bangladesh, China, Morocco, etc. From the first phone call or email right through graduation we take care of you. It’s important to us that you enjoy and experience life and your studies with as few worries as possible. Each student receives personal attention and a great deal of this support comes direct from the International Office. If you need help with your visa application, English language support or just to talk about your concerns, we will help you.

Application Process includes the following steps taking into account that University entry exams start here at the beginning of July:

Step 1:

At the beginning of April you send us an email including:

- academic course you wish attend at our University;

- copy of academic certificates of your previous schools, with transcript of records;

- copy of your travel passport valid not less 18 months (1st page);

- copy of Russian language certificate (in case you are applying directly to the academic course knowing Russian language). Proficiency in the Russian language is essential for admission to the University.

If all your documents are issued in any other language except English or Russian you should send them already translated in Russian language.

Step 2:

We consider your application and if you meet our entry requirements we will contact you directly as soon as possible providing you with the information about next enrolment procedures, tuition fees and so on. In case you accept and agree with all enrolment terms and deadlines you are obliged to inform us about it in writing by email as soon as possible (not later that the 20-25th of April) to start the official invitation procedure. Besides, you should notify us if you need a room in our student residence or not.

Step 3:

All international students need a student visa to come to Russia issued by a Russian Embassy or Consulate in their home country. To do a visa you should have an original invitation letter issued by our Federal Migration Office (FMO). Usually it takes about 4-5 weeks to issue the letter after our University request is registered there.

So to make this request to our FMO we should have from you as soon as possible:

- your invitation fee and its delivery cost paid by bank transfer;

- your residence address (city, country), place of birthday, city where you will get your visa.

Step 4:

Once the invitation letter is issued we will send it to you by express mail at the postal address you provide us (it takes about 1 week). As soon as you get the letter you go to the Russian Embassy or Consulate of your home country to present all the documents for the visa. The first visa will be valid for 3 months and enable you to make only one visit to Russia.

Step 5:

After getting your Russian visa you should buy travel tickets to Kazan and inform us about your arrival date. Buying the tickets keep in mind two moments:

- at step 2 we will inform you about 3 deadlines to pass entry exams in July or August. You can choose one of them and arrive on the date more convenient for you.

- you should arrive only 2 or 3 days before starting date of you exams, not earlier.

Step 6:

To be admitted to any Russian University on your arrival you are required to submit the following original documents to the Admissions Office:

- your valid travel passport providing its legalized translation in Russian;

- original academic certificates of your previous schools, with transcript of records, providing their legalized translation in Russian;

- original general medical health certificate providing its legalized translation in Russian;

- original certificate of all your vaccinations providing its legalized translation in Russian;

- 6 photos (3х4cm) (color or black/white);

- and migration card.

Step 7:

All international students are required by law to be registered with our local Immigration Office within 2-3 days of their arrival. So on 1st or 2nd day of your arrival to Kazan you are obliged to contact us and come to our International Relations Office with your passport and migration card to be registered.

Step 8:

Entry Exams usually start at the first dates of July (exact dates are annually announced in June). All exams are taken in Russian.

You are to take the following exams:

- Mathematics for BSc degree courses in Civil Engineering, Transport and Roads, Economics;

- Drawing for BSc degree courses in Architecture and Design. It is recommended to demonstrate your artistic skills, for example, make available a portfolio of your some art works.

For Master degree programmes you take a specialized exam concerning your field of study.

For Ph.D. programmes you take Philosophy, English, Specialized exam concerning your field of study.

Step 9:

Next day after your exam results are known and in case you are enrolled to our University, in August we make an Admission Agreement and you pay your tuition fee by bank transfer to the University bank account. You stay in Kazan and go on living in our campus (transferring the relevant fee) till the 1st of September when you start your classes. After your current visa expires we will renew it for 1 year and in this case it will be multiple.


In case if you are applying for the 1-year Russian language courses you should follow the same steps but with only two differences:the application should be made in June-July to get the invitation letter in August-September and to arrive to Kazan in October;and you shouldn’t take any entry exams.

You can study Russian language in our Preparatory Center for international students as to be admitted to our University all international students should have a certificate attesting the knowledge of Russian language. The courses usually start in November and end in July. At the end of the course you should pass an interview and a written examination in Russian that will enable you to have a relevant certificate. The course fee is about 1500 US dollars (in 2014-2015). To participate in the course you should apply for it in June.



Our International Relations Office is your first point of call for any enquiries and applications. It offers you a full service to assist you throughout the application process. They can deal with your questions on anything from accommodation to where to find things on campus.

Call or email us with your questions, concerns or any feedback:

Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering
International Relations Office
Zelenaya Str., 1 - 420043 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
Tel: +7 (843) 510 4648 /526 9313
Fax: +7 (843) 238 7972

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it