Students with Disabilities

KSUAE is fully committed to promoting disability equality for all staff, students and other members of KSUAE community http://www.kgasu.ru/sveden/ovz/ . This commitment is central to KSUAE’s vision. It aims to providing a truly inclusive and equitable learning environment that fosters a positive College experience of the highest quality for all members of our community.

KSUAE is committed to embedding disability equality in all relevant policies, practices and procedures, and to ensuring that disability issues are routinely considered in all decisions regarding strategic planning and resource allocation.

KSUAE acknowledges its responsibility to ensure that the aims and values of disability equality are promoted through the implementation of this policy. This demonstrates KSUAE commitment to the removal of barriers to access, the elimination of discriminatory practice and the promotion of equality of opportunity.

KSUAE embraces diversity among staff and students by encouraging all individuals to realise their full potential and to contribute as fully as possible to KSUAE community. It aims to create an environment where the treatment of students, staff and applicants for study or employment, is on the basis of their relative merits, abilities and potential. It applies equality and disability policy in a variety of areas from equal access to educational provision and fair opportunities regarding teaching, learning & assessment to physical access issues i.e. accessibility of its buildings and campuses.

KSUAE is committed to:

·         Actively tackling disability discrimination, promoting disability equality and good relations between disabled and non-disabled students and staff.

·         Encouraging, supporting and enabling all disabled students and staff to reach their potential in an environment of equal opportunity.

·         Working to tackle disability discrimination and to encourage and promote good practice in achieving disability equality.

·         Ensuring that any disabled people are actively involved in the development, monitoring and review of KSUAE’s equality and disability policy.

KSUAE is striving to eliminate:

·         Negative attitudes to disability

·         Managing disclosure concerns appropriately

·         Inaccessible buildings and campus

·         Poor signage and difficulties with navigation

·         Feelings of isolation

·         Non-implementation of identified adjustments

·         Lack of understanding of disability issues

·         Insufficient information on available support systems

We practice an inclusive approach to supporting our disabled and dyslexic students in their coursework assignments and assessments. This means that additional time is given for the completion of each coursework/assignment.  In this way you can be sure that your disability/dyslexia has been taken into account right from the start.

KSUAE is constantly trying to identify and eliminate the main barriers for disabled people to accessing KSUAE’s education and/or employment and this issue, being a sensitive one, is under constant review.

Our university provides educational opportunities for disabled people and persons with special needs. There are specially equipped classrooms at KSUAE with special desks for disabled people. The library and the canteen are accessible to persons with disabilities. Parking spaces are available. There is unimpeded access to and from the university campus.

In the 2nd building of KSUAE located at Zelenaya Str., 1 - 420043 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, there is library on the first floor which is accessible from outside with no height difference. Also in the 2nd building of KSUAE in the room № 2-101 there are specially equipped desks for students with visual and hearing impairments and special desks with height adjustment for learners moving in wheelchairs. Door dimensions are adjusted for wheelchairs to pass through.

KSUAE has special technical and software tools for the education of persons with disabilities:

  • Acoustic amplifier
  • Video magnifiers
  • Speech synthesizer programs
  • Alternative data entry devices
  • Information reproduction devices

Other special equipment

KSUAE provides special accommodation conditions for disabled people. The student residence № 4 (Zelenaya Street, 2) has two specialized places for disabled persons, located on the 1st floor.