May 23 is the birthday of KSUAE and our Rector Rashit Nizamov. Congratulations!


May 23 is the birthday of KSUAE and our Rector Rashit Nizamov. Congratulations!

Dear students, teachers, staff, alumni and friends of the University!

On May 23, Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) celebrates its 94th birthday. The university was founded as the Kazan Institute of Municipal Construction on May 23, 1930.

For the 94th year now, KSUAE has been training qualified personnel for the architectural, construction and road transport industries of the region, and also provides their scientific support and competitive development.

Today KSUAE is a powerful research and educational center with a rich history and traditions on an international-level campus. The basis of the campus are scientific and educational centers, where practice-oriented education is implemented on the patterns of the construction business on the basis of the modern scientific base of these centers, aimed at improving technologies, materials, constructive and urban planning solutions that provide a significant economic effect.

Conceptual revitalization of existing areas, active participation of business in the formation of a laboratory and experimental base made it possible to create 22 scientific and educational centers of international level at the university in almost all areas of scientific and innovative activity: “Strength”, “”, “Systems”, “Technology” ", "Roads", "Digital roads", "15" and "Kitap", "Digital", "Urban", "Architect", "Design", "DASHKA", "Archphysics", "Heritage", "Mechanics" , “Basics”, “Security”, “Development”, “Threads”, “Light”, “Forum”.

The secret of such successful development of the university is the team spirit of the staff, scientific schools, the desire to do really useful work, high professional competencies and skill.

KSUAE has new achievements and victories, new successes and projects ahead! Congratulations to the university staff on the 94th birthday of KSUAE!

We wish you success in your educational and scientific activities, new interesting projects and victories!

Our RECTOR, Nizamov Rashit Kurbangalievich, celebrates his birthday on the same day as the university.

Dear Rashit Kurbangalievich! Happy Birthday! We wish you good health, successful implementation of all your endeavors, new achievements, happiness and prosperity!