KSUAE students are the winners of the “Student Startup” competition


KSUAE students are the winners of the “Student Startup” competition of the “University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform”

The results of the fourth stage of the “Student Startup” competition within the framework of the federal project “University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform” have been summed up. The winners of the competition included 6 projects of KSUAE students recommended for support in 2024:

- Bikaeva Yulia - “Development of technology for producing innovative facing material based on magnesium raw materials” (H4. New devices and intelligent production technologies);

- Volkov Philip - “Design of new deep pit retention systems” (H7. Creative industries);

- Gulyakov Evgeniy - “High-strength fine-grained concrete based on cements of low water demand, modified with nano-sized additives” (H3. New materials and chemical technologies); - Girfanov Shamil Ravilevich - “VisualSpace” (H7. Creative industries);

- Lim Vladimir - “Evaluation of the effectiveness of using high-modulus polymer composite reinforcement” (H3. New materials and chemical technologies);

- Nikolaeva Elena - “The concept of dynamic objects - small architectural forms for public spaces” (H7. Creative industries).

The grant amount is 1 million rubles.

Congratulations to the winners, we wish you successful implementation of your projects!

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