Training seminar for restorers from the Academy B. Remmers at KSUAE


In the center of KSUAE "Heritage / Miras" was held a training seminar for restorers from the Academy. B. Remmers

On March 3, 2022, a training seminar was held at the new scientific and educational center for architectural restoration "Heritage / Miras" with the participation of specialists from the Academy Bernhard Remmers (Remmers LLC).

The Remmers is a recognized world leader in the restoration, protection and preservation of buildings and architectural monuments. The seminar at KSUAE brought together restorers - production workers and designers, engineers, architects, technologists, operating organizations and owners of cultural heritage sites. Among the participants there were specialists from Aquaisolation Construction Company LLC, Nephrite+ Insurance Company, Hydrosnabmontazh LLC, Aqualand LLC, Giteks LLC, Gratek-Stroy LLC, Akvanti, Engineering Technologies (Cheboksary), TSNRU JSC, etc.

The seminar was dedicated to the issues of waterproofing in new construction, repair of waterproofing, the use of professional materials for construction and restoration. The seminar consisted of a theoretical (lecture) and practical part (in the restoration workshop of the Heritage/Miras Center). The seminar was attended by teachers and students of the Department of Reconstruction, Restoration of the Architectural Heritage and Fundamentals of Architecture.

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