One more meeting of the KSUAE Speaking club “Let’s speak Russian”


One more meeting of the KSUAE Speaking club “Let’s speak Russian”

The KSUAE Speaking club “Let's speak Russian” for foreign students of continues its work. The goal of the club is the successful sociocultural adaptation of foreign students of KSUAE in the educational and cultural environment, improving their interaction with Russian students, as well as increasing interest in the Russian language and overcoming the language barrier.

On May 31, 2024, the meeting of the club took place. The meeting was attended by KSUAE foreign students from Ecuador, Algeria, Turkey, Mauritania, Pakistan, including students of the preparatory course of the Russian language, as well as their teachers. In addition, a group of Russian first-year students from the KSUAE Institute of Construction Technologies and Engineering-Environmental Systems took part in the event.

The meeting was dedicated to national holidays and games with the aim of systematizing foreign students’ knowledge and ideas about the holidays of the country and region in which they are studying. In the first half of the meeting, students received new information about traditional and modern holidays of Russia and Tatarstan, including state, religious, professional holidays; as part of teams, they took part in a quiz about Russian holidays, answered questions, talked about the holiday traditions of their countries, showing presentations and videos, in particular about Turkey, Algeria and Mauritania.

In the second part of the meeting, foreign and Russian students shared the features of national games, showing them in practice. The organizers of the meeting paid special attention to the national holiday of Tatarstan “Sabantuy”, which is held annually in June. They talked about the traditions of the celebration and shared the features of some national games: foreign students gladly took part in such competitive fun as running in sacks, running with an egg in a spoon, accurately hitting a balloon with a stick with a blindfold, running in pairs with bound legs and blind man's buff. Many participants quickly became involved in the process of fun games, leaving behind their embarrassment and stiffness.

The competitive game form of the meeting, the spring-summer mood, lightness and dynamism created a relaxed atmosphere for active communication in Russian. The students showed not only their knowledge, but also their ability to work in a team, thereby revealing their creative potential.

At the end of the meeting, all participants received incentive prizes.

The Speaking club “Let's speak Russian” welcomes new participants and invites all interested foreign students, as well as Russian students, to join the club.

We express our deep gratitude to the administration of the academic and research center of KSUAE “Heritage” for their hospitality.

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