KSUAE academic staff and students took part in the international exhibition and forum ARCH Moscow 2024


KSUAE academic staff and students took part in the international exhibition and forum ARCH Moscow 2024

One of the largest architectural events in the country - the international exhibition and forum ARCH Moscow - took place in Gostiny Dvor, in the center of Moscow.

Over four days, the professional forum was visited by 36 thousand people, 160 events took place! At the exhibition, the best architectural bureaus, the municipality presented their expositions, and the “DAY AFTER TOMORROW” section, dedicated to architectural education, was presented separately. Its traditional curators, Vladimir Kuzmin and Vladislav Savinkin, brought together architectural schools of Moscow in a single space, and also invited teachers and students of the TIArch studio of KSUAE to represent their university, Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Every year the pavilion receives a new image, and participants receive a new interesting task as a theme for their exposition. This year, the curators suggested thinking about what participation in the forum means for an architectural school, how the school has changed over the five years of creating the “THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW” pavilions.

KSUAE students under the leadership of Ilnar and Rezeda Akhtyamov, the only ones from the region, are taking part in the exhibition for the fourth time. In general, over the years of participation in the ARH Moscow, two important characteristics of our exhibitions distinguish us each time. Firstly, they are always a little ironic—this year’s exhibition is even a little self-ironic. Secondly, this is handmade graphics in the presentation of material, this is one of our favorite tools and strengths of our school. The exhibition consisted of three parts.

The first told about a unique creature - a jellyfish *, which spreads throughout the world, while maintaining its unique genetic code. A parallel is drawn here with the work of the studio, since, upon leaving the university, each graduate brings to the profession the main ideas of the studio, approach to design and architecture.

The second tablet (on the left) “Atlas of Discovery” demonstrates our victories and achievements in international architectural competitions, both student and professional, they cover the whole world.

The third tablet - “Geography of internships and jobs for students and graduates” - reflects the main workshops and bureaus in which our students train and work. Basically, these are Europe and the capital cities of Russia, as well as a number of their own bureaus, which were opened by graduates and successfully work in a professional environment.

*The jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii is a type of cnidarian, small in size, and found in all oceans, temperate and tropical zones. An adult can return to the polyp stage (the colony from which it emerged) and go through all stages of life again. This cycle can continue indefinitely, thanks to unique genes, of which this species of jellyfish has twice as many as other species. The genetic code of the colony is completely identical to that of the adult jellyfish. This jellyfish can independently control its genes, influencing the process of formation of new cells.

The idea of ​​the exhibition belongs to Ilnar Akhtyamov. The team of students who created the exhibition consists of students of different courses - from the third year of bachelor's degree to the final year of master's degree: Sofya Shcherbak, Airat Zaydullin, Arthur Akhunov, Olga Erukova, Vladimir Obrosov, Daria Shel, Semyon Egorov. A video presentation was prepared to present the KSUAE exposition at the ARCH Moscow exhibition. The opening speech was made by R.Kh. Akhtyamova, and students from the TIArch studio spoke in detail about the exhibition itself.

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