General meeting at KSUAE with 1st year international students

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General meeting at KSUAE with 1st year international students

The first General meeting is held annually in September with 1st year international students. At the meeting they get to know the University staff and teams working with foreign students, study rules, migration policy, living in a dormitory, student safety, student participation in the cultural and sports life of the University, city and Republic.

The KSUAE Association of Foreign Students spoke about the activities of their organization, which provides assistance in adapting to a new life in another country, studying and spending time together, etc.

Foreign senior students shared their experience of studying in our University and invited first-year students to actively participate in various projects and events.

This year we have 1st year students from Benin, Ecuador, Morocco, Colombia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Gabon, Armenia, Angola.

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