KSUAE took an active part in the International Exhibition-Forum ARCH Moscow 2023

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KSUAE took an active part in the International Exhibition-Forum ARCH Moscow 2023

Teachers of KSUAE took an active part in the International exhibition-forum ARCH Moscow 2023. At the exhibition, leading architectural bureaus and design institutes of Moscow, architectural schools and the municipality demonstrate their achievements, and about 30 thousand visitors become spectators!

The theme of this year's exhibition is "Perspectives", teachers and students of KSUAE presented the exposition. Associate professor Ilnar Akhtyamov  took part in a panel session  “How to teach architects? New formats of architectural education" on the topic of the future of architectural education, presented the theme of the workshop, which is planned to be held in the fall, and also spoke publicly about the presented exposition.

The exposition of the University was the very first in the section of architectural education "The Day After Tomorrow", the curators asked the best architectural schools in Moscow and the TIArch studio of KSUAE to think about what the university and architectural school would be like in 300 years, because the first universities in Russia appeared exactly 300 years ago.

Our teachers and students came to the conclusion that our ideas will remain after us, and ideas, as a rule, are recorded in books, so the exposition was a large rack with books, the names of which reflect the most significant works of students and the studio, its approach to work, modern architectural trends.

The implementation of this idea was carried out by students Danil Nazarov and Olga Erukova, the installation was carried out by Danil Nazarov and graduates of KSUAE: Rashid Gilfinov and Enge Mukhutdinova, who are now successfully working in Moscow and do not forget about their native university.

At the Panel session Ilnar Akhtyamov also pointed out that our University has created all the conditions for high-quality training of students-architects, they gain experience not only in academic projects, but also in many competitive, both conceptual and design, as well as also undergo long-term internships abroad, where they receive the necessary practical experience. And as a result, by the final stage of training, the student is ready to perform tasks of any complexity in a team. It is currently the most requested format.

The presentation of the new 6th cycle of the Moscow Open City Festival took place on the main stage of the exhibition.Any student can take part in the selection for one of 12 workshops under the guidance of tutors - established architects, heads of architectural bureaus. It is interesting that there was also a competitive selection among the tutors of the workshops, and among 12 of them there will be a project seminar in Kazan. Teachers of KSUAE announced the theme "Shelter" as a place where anyone in need of help can receive it, recover and start "anew" their life in the city. Based on the results of the workshops, a large exhibition will be presented at the Museum of Architecture in Moscow and after the presentations of projects, the best ones will be awarded diplomas.

Thus, the exhibition-forum ARCH Moscow was held with the active participation of KSUAE, many architects noted the wit of the exposition, important comments on the topic of architectural education and expect interesting results of the workshop this autumn.

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The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.