Professor A.A. Volkov (Moscow) with open lectures "Smart City 5.0: Immersive Creation"


Professor A.A. Volkov (Moscow) with open lectures "Smart City 5.0: Immersive Creation" in KSUAE

On March 22, 2023 in the lecture hall of the architectural and educational space of KSUAE "" with open lectures "Smart City 5.0: Immersive Creation" Andrey Anatolyevich Volkov - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the Prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology and in the field of education, head of the leading scientific school of the Russian Federation "Theory and Analysis of Systems in Construction", author and scientific supervisor of the project "CSCOPE Initiative: Immersive Creation".

The lectures were attended by scientists, teachers and students of KSUAE from different areas of training, representatives of the professional architectural community. Professor A.A. Volkov presented two lectures to the audience: Immersive Creation and Smart City 5.0. Andrei Anatolyevich presented the concept of immersive creation - the transformation of reality, including a person and defined in the system of his values and identity. The concept is aimed at solving the problem of cognitive imbalance in the progress of culture (society) and civilization (technology), which objectively limits the understanding, effectiveness of planning, designing, using and managing sustainable infrastructure of the present, potentially focuses the risks of technological and social disasters in the future. The environment of creation (mostly cities) becomes a unique multidimensional space of concentration of all technological (multi-industrial) and social (multi-value) fluctuation (random) transitions. The actual transformation of the traditional forms and functions of cities as the infrastructural basis of civilization, corresponding to the changing cultural models, today is not adequate to either the essence or the pace of the formation of a new reality. Smart City 5.0 is an immersive, uniquely complementary civilization of spreading cultures in the continuum of forms "nature-man-society-environment of creation" by transforming the values of the continuum of correlated functions "expansion-identity-harmony-evolution".

After the end of the lectures, Professor A.A. Volkov answered questions from the audience, which demonstrated the great interest of the professional community in the concept of urban development and understanding the needs of modern megacities, as well as the transformation and joint work of representatives of various scientific interests and professions. As part of his visit to KSUAE, Professor A.A. Volkov got acquainted with the activities of the research and educational centers of the university, highly appreciated the level of equipment with laboratory and testing equipment, the variety of scientific and innovative research topics for scientists, the creativity of the spaces created at the university for the training and scientific work of students and teachers.

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