Architecture students of KSUAE became finalists of the international competition Q-City in China


Architecture students of KSUAE became finalists of the international competition Q-City in China

Every year, the organizers of the international architectural competition Q-City (Quality City) set new interesting tasks for the contestants in the field of urban space organization and urban improvement on the example of Chinese cities.

Q-City is an ongoing research program based on the current situation and challenges of urban renewal in China, and aims to explore innovative models of quality urban development in China.

This year, the contestants were offered the theme "Aesthetic reconstruction of the city" based on the Acropolis of Yulin City. It is a vibrant national historical and cultural city that needs to create an exclusive aesthetic environment suitable for the ancient city, and at the same time create a beautiful city life that benefits both residents and tourists.

Young architects and designers offered solutions for the improvement of a long street in the "heart" of the city of Yulin. In response to the theme “Aesthetic reconstruction of the city”, the students of the KSUAE Tiarch studio submitted two projects for this competition and both became its finalists! A nice bonus is that the authors will receive cash rewards.It is important to note that the project was done in teams by students of different levels of study. Under the leadership of Dina Kiyamova (4th year student), Sofia Shcherbak (2nd year student) worked in the team, they proposed the following concept: “The new improvement serves two purposes: creating a comfortable urban space and revitalizing the architectural heritage. New architecture is constantly in contact with its environment, creating a dialogue with historical buildings and becoming part of it. At the same time, they do not merge into a single whole, but emphasize the peculiarities of cultures of both the present and the past.

The team, led by Vladislav Krayushkin (4th year student), which included two 1st year students: Adelina Khabibullina and Lidia Parshukova, presented a project that is a variant of the improvement of the historical street of the city of Yulin through the use of a universal module. By scaling, lengthening, bending and arranging various combinations and compositions, this module finds its application in various elements and buildings. It is proposed to make the street more comfortable with additional facilities (for example, playgrounds, equipped retail outlets, musical installations, etc.) with a single motif of the form used. Open and closed spaces alternate, dividing the street into several parts - each with its own theme.

In every architectural competition in China a large number of architects particpate, and it is always a high result to be recognized in such competitions. Official website of the competition:

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