New chairman of the Association of Foreign Students of KSUAE


Al-Ameri Hasan, a student from Iraq, was elected as the new chairman of the Association of Foreign Students of KSUAE

On May 20, 2022, the election of the Chairman of the Association of Foreign Students of KSUAE took place. The following persons were nominated for the post of chairman: Galiyeva Galiya, Samaev Tolegen, Al-Ameri Hassan. They showed presentations on how they see the development of the KSUAE Association and told about themselves. The student Al-Ameri Hasan (Republic of Iraq) won by majority vote. “I am very happy for the trust! I feel that this is my place,” said the newly elected chairman. - I want to help all foreign students, I want foreigners to have such a person whom everyone will hear and understand. International students can do a lot at our university! We are a team, a friendly team!”

The students were supported in the elections by the head of the Department for Youth Policy and Social Work L.R. Zasypkina, head of the department for the development of international activities F.Sh. Akhmetshin, curator of foreign students R.R. Muzafarov. Ex-Chairman Akhmed Kaipbergenov presented letters of thanks to foreign students for their active work and contribution to the development of the Association.

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.