Congratulations with the Postgraduate Student's Day!


January 21st - Postgraduate Student's Day. Congratulations to the future scientists of KSUAE!

On January 21, Russia celebrates Postgraduate Student's Day. In our country, this day is associated with the historical event of 1925, when the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR regulated the system for training scientists. This holiday was established in 2008. In the scientific community, this date is becoming more widespread, gaining popularity both among graduate students and among university professors and research institutes.

Postgraduate studies are aimed at training highly qualified personnel and are the first step towards becoming a future scientist. Just the postgraduate school is a base for scientific knowledge where you can acquire the special way of research thinking and research activities.

In KSUAE, the training of highly qualified personnel was carried out from the first days of its foundation. For the first time in the Kazan Institute of Engineers for Municipal Construction in 1931, admission to the postgraduate school was carried out in the following specialties: "Engineering structures", "Building mechanics", "Architecture", "Building materials", "Bridges".

Nowadays our University offers 14 Postgraduate courses (23 profiles):

01.06.01 Mathematics and mechanics;

03.06.01 Physics and astronomy;

04.06.01 Chemical sciences;

07.06.01 Architecture;

08.06.01 Engineering and technology of construction;

09.06.01 Informatics and computer technology;

13.06.01 Electrical and heat engineering;

18.06.01 Chemical technologies;

06.38.01 Economics;

39.06.01 Sociological sciences;

44.06.01 Education and pedagogical sciences;

46.06.01 Historical sciences and archeology;

47.06.01 Philosophy, ethics and religious studies;

50.06.01 Art history.

Today, there are 161 postgraduate students at KSUAE. Scientific guidance of such students is carried out by doctors of sciences, leading scientists and teachers of the University. 

Every year, the Scientific and Technical Council conducts attestation, listening to the reports of graduate students in order to provide information, advisory and practical assistance to novice scientists.

The Dissertation council has been working at the University for many years to submit dissertations for the degree of candidate of science, for the degree of doctor of science in "Building structures, constructions and facilities" and "Construction materials and products".

In 2021 our postgraduate students became winners of such competitions as the Competition of research and scientific-practical works for the scholarships of the Mayor of Kazan; the Republican competition "Fifty best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan"; the Second Republican competition "Engineer of the Year" 2021.

We invite graduates of the MSc courses who are interested in science, who strive with their scientific developments and even discoveries to improve the lives of people, who are not indifferent to the further development of our society and state, to our postgraduate courses!

Congratulations to all postgraduate students! We wish you success, new achievements, sense of purpose and the desire to move forward on a difficult but very interesting path of scientific discoveries!

Professor Rashit K. Nizamov

Rector of KSUAE, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan,
doctor of technical sciences, 


The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.