KSUAE at the XXIV Global Conference TCI 2021 


KSUAE attended the lecture of the Spanish urbanist Vicente Guayarta in the framework of the XXIV Global Conference TCI 2021 

On September 17, 2021, KSUAE academic staff and students, within the framework of the XXIV Global Conference TCI 2021, attended a fascinating lecture of the Spanish urbanist, chief architect of Barcelona in 2011-2015 Vicente Guayarta.

The lecturer talked about how the technical revolution influenced architecture, and industrial crises influenced the development of cities, how, as a result of such changes, the environment of large cities changed, becoming human-oriented. The architect came to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop a circular bioeconomy, which, in his opinion, will help reduce the side effects of globalization, such as, for example, smog in cities. He shared his experience in the development of mid-rise apartment buildings made of wooden panels, the construction of which is carried out according to the principle of Russian "Khrushchevs", while the buildings are the most environmentally friendly and quick to erect.

Important questions were raised during the lecture: “What can we do with the knowledge we have”, “How to provide local, fresh vegetables to the inhabitants of cities”. The architect believes that the answer to these questions is the possibility of placing greenhouses and vegetable gardens on the roofs of apartment buildings using modern technologies and solar panels. As a positive example, the lecturer spoke about similar projects in Iceland and China.

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.