Students of our British degree programme took an international online course on the "green" building standards BREEAM AG


Screenshot 20210519 124221 ZoomNine students of the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL completed an international online BREEAM Approved Graduate (AG) course, the program of additional professional education on the  the "green" building standard. This course has become possible and accessible to our students thanks to cooperation with the Moscow University MGSU.

Students of civil engineering and architecture courses were selected, those ones who are interested in working with green building standards. The course was developed by the MGSU in cooperation with the Russian Council for Green Building and the Academy of the Research Institute of Great Britain (BRE Academy).

Great Britain is one of the world leaders in green building. The BREEAM course was launched in the country in 1990 and is still very popular today. It is fully adapted for domestic higher educational institutions, taking into account the practice of green building in the Russian Federation.

The course consists of 20 academic hours with individual work, lectures, final essay and the test. The course was held on the platform of the BRE Academy company. Students who successfully complete the BREEAM Approved Graduate course were issued the international certificates from BRE Academy and the MGSU during the award ceremony that took place in May this year.

Here is a feedback of Denis Khrapal, a student of the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL, who has completed the BREEAM course: “I took an online course in the field of green building related to BREEAM certification. Within the framework of this course, the relevance of ecological construction, the method of ecological assessment as the basis of sustainable development, the basic concepts of the method of ecological assessment BREEAM were described. For me, as an architectural design student, this course has highlighted the new facets of sustainable architecture and demonstrated the new opportunities associated with certification in green building. BRE Global provides students of construction universities with an excellent opportunity to reflect on and further develop "green building".

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.