Olympiad triumph of KSUAE in Ivanovo

A team of KSUAE students under the supervision of their teacher Damir Ayupov won the Olympiad on "Production and use of building materials, components and structures" (qualification "Civil engineering") in Ivanovo city.

Masters students:
1st place - Evgeniy Guljakov
2nd place - Andrey Belyakov
Gentle reminder: two years ago they were the best in the Olympiad as bachelors.

Bachelors students:
1st place - Olga Koval
2nd place - Jelina Sharypova
5th place - Ajdar Sirazhetdinov

Twenty-four cleverest students from all over Russia took part in the Olympiad.
The success of our students is a result of well-coordinated work of students and teachers of the department of Technology of building materials, products and structures (School of Building Technologies, Engineering Systems and Ecology).

Good job!

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