Remote meeting between the KSUAE and the University of East London


The administrators of the British programme at KSUAE held a remote meeting with the heads, tutors and teachers of the University of East London (UEL) in order to discuss the success of cooperation between KSUAE and UEL for recent 8 years, the results achieved and ways to resolve issues that arise during the delivery of the dual degree programme between the two universities.

Agreements were reached on the continuation of the delivery of the programme, closer interaction of the teaching staff on both sides, on the organization of additional advanced training of the teaching staff of KSUAE on behalf of the UEL, as well as on increasing the number of UEL lectures and master classes for the programme students starting from the new academic year.

UEL staff expressed their deep gratitude to KSUAE for the successful organization of the educational process within the programme and compliance with the terms of the annual examination sessions and reporting. The meeting participants wished each other successful and fruitful work, despite the prevailing circumstances in connection with the Covid-2019 pandemic.

 aloy  olgaporosh  uel