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The University structure includes 5 institutes and 36 departments.




There are 8 departments at the Institute:

  1. Production safety and law
  2. Mechanics
  3. Metal structures and construction tests
  4. Technologies, organization and mechanization of construction
  5. Reinforced concrete and stone structures
  6. Foundations and basements, dynamics of structures and engineering geology
  7. Physics, electrical engineering and automatics
  8. Information technology and computer aided design

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

  • Construction (Industrial and civil engineering), full time and part time tuition
  • Information systems and technologies, full time tuition

Specialty programme (6 years tuition) in Construction of unique buildings and structures
Specialization: Construction of high-rise and long-span buildings and structures, full time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

  • Construction (Theory and Design of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings), full time tuition
  • Construction (Theory and design of foundations, basements and underground structures), full time tuition
  • Construction (Theory and practice of organizational and technological and economic decisions), full time tuition
  • Construction (Technical operation and reconstruction of buildings and structures), full time tuition

Research of the Institute

The scientific achievements of the Institute are:

  1. Technology and organization of construction: improving the technology and organization of works in the construction of buildings and structures; improvement of the management system for construction quality; improving the efficiency of building production on account of
  2. Development, research and improvement of methods of calculation of structures and facilities: developing new and improving existing methods of calculation and designing of metal, concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and reinforced stone structures in view of specific characteristics of the stress-strain condition; development and research of structural constructions; development and implementation of effective bearing systems of buildings and structures;
  3. Applied Geomechanics in construction: structural dynamics, rheology.
  4. energy savings;
  5. Research in the field of mechanics of deformable solid: mechanics of thin and thick shells, keeping the features of mechanical properties of structural materials such as non-linear elasticity, plasticity, creep, geometric nonlinearity, change of material properties under the influence of aggressive external fields.

Postgraduate fields of study:

"Building structures, buildings and facilities"
"Foundations and substructures, underground structures"
"Building materials and products"
"Mechanics of deformable solids"
"Computer-aided design"
"Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes"
"Condensed Matter Physics"
"Material, complex and functional analysis"


There are 8 departments at the Institute:

  1. Water supply and sewage disposal
  2. History and Philosophy
  3. Vocational training, pedagogy and sociology
  4. Building materials
  5. HVAC and Gas supply
  6. Thermal Engineering
  7. Construction materials, components and structures production technology
  8. Chemistry and Environmental Engineering in Construction

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

  • Construction (Production and use of building materials, components and structures), full time and part time tuition
  • Construction (HVAC and Gas supply), full time and part time tuition
  • Construction (Water supply and sewage disposal), full time and part time tuition
  • Vocational training (Construction), full time tuition
  • Safety of Technosphere (Environmental Engineering), full time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

  • Construction (Structure formation and technology of concrete), full time tuition
  • Construction (Heat and mass transfer and energy saving in heating systems), full time tuition
  • Construction (System of providing microclimate in buildings and structures), full time tuition
  • Construction (Practice-oriented education technology for professional disciplines in the civil engineering university), full time tuition

In 2015 the Institute will open six new Master degree programmes including that one in “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Buildings”.

Research of the Institute

The institute departments carry out R&D within the following schools:

-raw material research, new building technologies and versatility of building materials on the basis of natural and recycled raw materials;

-water supply and sewage disposal, water treatment fixtures of superficial and underground sewage waters;

-energy saving in HVAC systems, heat exchange research;

-the development of environment saving technologies;

-hydraulic systems research, contactless heat fields measurement devices, ecology, workplace monitoring;

-pedagogical and economical components of general engineering of economy and management programme undergraduates under condition of civil engineering educational cluster;

The scientific achievements of the Institute are:

- building material testing laboratory having the certificate which allows the laboratory to perform building material compliance and quality tests for developing firms and enterprises of building industry;

- organization of further education in civil engineering industry;

- “TatStroyTrest” testing centre, only one accredited by “GosStroy” aimed at certification testing of building materials;

- “NanoTech-SM” research and innovation centre.

Postgraduate programmes of the Institute:

  • HVAC gas supply, lighting;
  • Industrial power engineering;
  • Water supply sewage disposal, water environment engineering;
  • Building materials;
  • Processing and technology of polymers;
  • Chemical technology processes and apparatuses;
  • Physical chemistry;
  • History of Russia;
  • Philosophy of science and Technology;
  • Theory and methodology of Vocational Training;
  • Social Structure, social institutions and processes.





There are 4 departments at the Institute:

Expertise and real estate management
Economics and Construction Business
Municipal Management
Foreign Languages

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

- Management (Construction management), full time and part time tuition
- Construction (Municipal Management and Construction), full time tuition
- Construction (Expertise and real estate management), full time and part time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

- Construction (Economics and management in the investment field), full time tuition

- Construction development in investment and construction activities), full time tuition

Research of the Institute is carried out in the following areas:

1. Modeling of economic processes in the construction
2. Assessment and management of enterprise value
3. Formation, analysis of construction products cost
4. Problems of activating investment and construction activities in the region
5. Strategic planning in construction enterprises
6. Problems of development of small and medium businesses in the construction industry
7. Financial Management in Construction
8. Human Resource Management in Construction
9. Crisis management in construction
10. The practice of development schemes of territorial planning,
11. Problems of investment in housing
12. Cost management companies using the tools of controlling
13. The effectiveness of the use of by-products industry in the construction industry
14. Evaluation of the competitiveness of construction companies
15. Information safety in the construction industry
16. Management in modern conditions
17. The activity in the housing complex
18. Problems of reforming property and economic security
19. Transformation of the property as a factor of financial rehabilitation of industrial enterprises in the region
20. Institutional factors of the development of a market economy
21. Innovative development of investment and construction of the complex;
22. Evaluation of the property complex of construction enterprises;
23. Instruments of financing of innovation processes in enterprises
24. Development of innovative processes in the region
25. Estimation of innovative potential of the region
26. The strategy of innovative development of enterprises
27. Management of Economy Innovation Systems
28. Management of intellectual property
29. Evaluation of the intellectual component of an innovative product
30. Assessment of the effectiveness of innovative projects
31. Innovative leasing
32. Pricing and estimate work in construction
33. Theory and practice of contractual relations in the construction
34. Design of organizational structures of management
35. Project management in the field of investment and construction
36. Research trends of the mortgage market of the region
37. Development of residential real estate in the complex development of territories
38. Ecological real estate development
39. The introduction of innovative resource-saving technologies in the construction industry.

The Institute has a scientific school “Strategy of development of regional construction industry”.