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Our University is situated 20 minutes walk to the center of Kazan. KSUAE is the only campus in Kazan where educational and laboratory buildings, dormitories, sports complex, canteen, sports halls and outdoor stadiums are located in one compact area. In our campus students can find all the facilities they would expect of a campus-based university:

  • Lecture rooms throughout all the campus.
  • Libraries: thousands of books, journals are housed centrally; the majority is available for loan, or if students prefer to stay and study in the library, they can always get some work done on one of the quiet areas.
  • IT facilities: we have computer rooms with internet access available during a day.
  • Center for preparatory courses: to be admitted to our University all international students should have a certificate attesting the knowledge of Russian language so we offer the Preparatory course of Russian for them. The courses usually start in November and end in July. At the end of the course you should give an oral presentation and pass a written examination that will enable you to have a relevant certificate. The course fee is about 1800 US dollars. To participate in the course you should apply for it in June.
  • Language Centre: whether a student is interested in learning a new language or improving his English he’ll find a class to suit him. Classes are held at the evenings, sometimes at weekends as well as during the week.
  • Photocopy centers: there are some copy centers throughout the University.
  • Canteen, cafeteria: students can take their meals during all day at a reduced price; the cafeterias offer coffee, tea, cakes, water and other snacks. During holidays they are closed.

  • Sports Complex: students can do different kinds of sports there.

  • Exhibition Gallery: displays change throughout the year and include exhibitions of our University’s art and architecture students.
  • Engineering Laboratories: they provide engineering equipments to test them for academic purposes.
  • Careers Center: it offers a range of information, guidance and services to students, graduates and employers.
  • University Clinic: it’s open to the staff and students. In case of some light health problems our students can visit our clinic free of charge. To treat grave problems they should be examined in a city hospital.
  • International Relations Office: it serves as the connecting link between our University and the exchange universities and international students. Its main function is to promote and cultivate international exchange, to assist international students who come to our University. It deals with both the recruitment and welfare of our overseas students.
  • Student residences: we host non-resident students in 5 residences located on campus offering a convenient and secure place for to live in refurbished shared rooms with 24 hour security, shared dining and bathroom and Internet facilities. There are available car parking spaces. Residences are available at a very moderate price. It's better to book a room in one of our residences at the moment of applying to our University.


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

International Relations Office

Zelenaya Str., 1 - 420043 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel: +7 (843) 510 4648 /526 9313

Fax: +7 (843) 238 7972

Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it