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There are 6 departments at the Institute:

  • Roads;
  • Bridges, tunnels and transport surveying;
  • Road Construction Machinery;
  • Higher mathematics;
  • Applied mathematics;
  • Physical education and sports.

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

  • Construction (Roads), full time and part time tuition;
  • Construction (Road bridges and transport tunnels) full time tuition;
  • Technology of transport processes (Traffic organization and safety), full time tuition;
  • Ground transport-technological complexes (Transport, construction, road machinery), full time tuition

The Institute is developing the following Master degrees programmes:

  • Design, construction and operation of roads";
  • Artificial structures in transport, methods of their design, construction and operation";
  • Transport logistics;
  • Intelligent transport systems";
  • Lifting-transport, construction, road machinery and equipment";
  • Machinery and equipment for trenchless technologies.

Research of the Institute is carried out in the following fileds:

  • Development of road-building materials and technologies using local minerals and industry waste to create optimal and economical design of highways and roads;
  • Development and improvement of methods for calculation, designing, strengthening and reconstruction of artificial structures on the roads, the analysis of their remaining resource;
  • Improvement of constructions of lifting-transport, road building machinery and devices for the intensification of building technologies;
  • Transport simulation, evaluation and optimization of the organization and road safety.

Postgraduate programmes of the Institute are:

  • Building materials and products.
  • Building constructions and buildings
  • Design and construction of roads, subways, airports, bridges and transport tunnels.


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

Institute Transport Structures

Zelenaya Str., 1 - 420043 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel:  +7 (843) 510 46 92