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On behalf of our Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering we would like to invite you to participate in the

Annual International Summer School for YOUNG Architects "ARTpolis".

The International School for Young Architects, ARTpolis offers intensive 15-day programme in  architectural theory and practical application of the SMART-city technology, BIM-technology, parametric  design to create an interactive space for sustainable future for college and high school students who are  interested in exploring architecture for future. Our challenging program provides methodological  training, lectures, master classes, workshops and guided tours of architectural monuments in Kazan. Our students acquire:

(1) understanding of the conceptual and BIM methods,

(2) application of these  methods during pre-design and design stages,

(3) experience in integrated design projects and

(4)  experience & presentation of their group project.

The major objective of our workshop is development of an architectural consciousness based on deep  understanding of the habitat influence on the person’s life and well-being, among young people interested in  architecture. The architectural consciousness can become a tool able to harmonize the connection and interaction  between the city and a personality of each inhabitant. The practical benefits of such harmonization will be the  advance of the urban environment, due to more selective and responsible influence of the citizens on their  habitats, which in turn will enhance their experience in the city and quality of live. In addition, important aspectof our program is familiarization of the students with innovative environmental, energy-efficient and digital  technologies (BIM, SMART) in the field of architecture and urban design.

We will be very glad to see you at our Summer school. The deadline for applications is May 6th (annually)!

It’s our pleasure to attach the Application Form



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