Our students among the best at the International competition "Drawing of the Year 2020" (Denmark)

Our students among the best at the International competition "Drawing of the Year 2020"


"Drawing of the Year" is an international student competition of architectural graphics, which is held for the 7th time by the Aarhus School of Architecture. The competition is a joint collaboration with Schmidt, Hammer, Lassen Architects, Vola, and The Danish Arts Foundation. The aim of the competition is to celebrate the architect’s oldest and most important tool, and to continuously explore new tendencies in architecture through architectural drawing. The drawing process eventually leads to new thinking and to development of ideas for the one who draws. Further, the competition is followed up by an exhibition, and for three years in a row we have documented the 100 best annual drawings in a publication.Contestants' drawings are judged on originality and artistic expression, architectural composition, technical skills and message transmission. Every year, the jury includes world-famous architects (Tatiana Bilbao, partners of the Snøhetta bureau, etc.), which contributes to a high professional assessment of the participants works.

After years of focusing exclusively on digital drawing and mixed media, this year's competition treasures handmade entries only, celebrating the art and skill of traditional representation methods, encouraging mastering of hand drawing, and emphasizing the relevancy of communicating ideas through hand drawing.

From initial year's themes such as Engaging Through Architecture (2013), Transformation (2014), Habitation (2015) and Sustainability (2016) to recent year's more theoretically and societally engaged themes like Everyday Utopia (2017), Shaping New Realities (2018), and Post-Human Metamorphosis (2019), the competition has persistently addressed current architectural issues.This year's theme: Hand Me A Drawing.

Two our students (2nd year and 5th year of study) from the Architecture department took part in this competition and their drawings became the best among 8 winners 2020! Among the winners of the competition there were also students from two British schools of architecture: Bartlett and the Edinburgh School of Architecture, the third place was taken by a student from Aarhus, the university that organized the competition.

Congratulations to our winners!

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