April 12 — Cosmonautics Day: forward to new heights!



April 12 — Cosmonautics Day: forward to new heights!

On April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day, and the world celebrates International Day of Human Space Flight.

On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin opened a new page in the history of mankind: the world's first spacecraft-satellite with a person on board was launched into earth orbit. This event became the greatest achievement of science of the 20th century, a colossal step for all humanity, opening up controlled space exploration to people.

Yuri Gagarin flew around the Earth on the Vostok-1 spacecraft, opening the way for humanity to the endless space of the Universe. This event changed world history and strengthened the Soviet Union's leadership in the space race.

In the Year of Scientific and Technological Development in the Republic of Tatarstan, Cosmonautics Day takes on a new meaning and relevance. This is an opportunity to turn to the glorious past of our country, to experience once again a sense of pride in the great achievements of science and technology of the scientists of our Motherland and a huge incentive for the further development of research activities, the development of innovative materials and technologies in individual promising areas of the economy.

On April 11, a joyful event took place in our country - the Angara-A5 rocket was launched from the Vostochny cosmodrome. For us, this is a doubly joyful event, since the construction of the cosmodrome is being led by a 1985 KSUAE graduate Ziganshin Ravil Khabibullovich.

This event is not just on a cosmic scale: a new page has been opened in Russian cosmonautics. It is with the help of “Angara” that the new Russian orbital station will be built, and new manned spacecraft and satellites will be launched into space. It will allow us to launch all types of spacecraft from its territory and provide independent guaranteed access to space.

On Cosmonautics Day, I wish the team of KSUAE and our partners success in science and education, new scientific achievements, confident movement forward - to new heights!

Rector of KSUAE R.K. Nizamov