The second meeting of the KSUAE International Speaking club “Let’s speak Russian”

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The second meeting of the KSUAE Speaking club “Let’s speak Russian”  

The second meeting of the Speaking club “Let’s speak Russian” was held in KSUAE in honor of International Mother Language Day.

On December 14, 2023the KSUAE Department of International Relations and the KSUAE Association of International Students established the new Speaking club “Let's speak Russian” for all foreign students of our University.

On February 29, 2024 the second meeting of the club took place, dedicated to International Mother Language Day, which was proclaimed at the General Conference of UNESCO in November 1999 and has been celebrated annually around the world since 2000 in order to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

The meeting was attended by KSUAE international students from Ecuador, Algeria, Turkey, Benin, Mauritania, Yemen, Morocco, including students of the Russian language preparatory course, as well as their teachers. In addition, a group of Russian first-year students from the KSUAE Institute of Economics and Management in Construction took an active part in the event.

During the meeting, all participants got to know each other and spoke a little about themselves, foreign students prepared a story in Russian about the history of International Mother Language Day, shared poems about their native language in Russian, Tatar, Arabic, Turkish, French and English. Since today all meeting participants are connected by the Russian language of communication studying in Russia, the organizers decided to test their level of Russian language proficiency, in particular, by passing a written language test on grammar and vocabulary. Even Russian students decided to test their level in a written test, while simultaneously checking the test results of foreign students and announcing the winners.

In addition, foreign participants, dividing into teams, tested their knowledge about Kazan and Tatarstan, competing and answering questions in an oral quiz: which languages are official in Tatarstan, on which rivers the city of Kazan is located, which of the architectural monuments of Kazan is included in the World Heritage Sites UNESCO heritage, which mosque is the main mosque of Kazan and Tatarstan, to whom a monument was erected near the walls of the Kazan Kremlin, and many others.

The meeting program contributed to the creation of a friendly atmosphere and enrichment of cultural horizons. Foreign students actively used their conversational skills in the Russian language, overcoming the language barrier and expanding their vocabulary.

The winners of the quiz were awarded incentive prizes. At the end, all participants were awarded certificates of gratitude for their active participation in the festive meeting.

The Speaking club “Let's speak Russian” welcomes new participants and invites all interested international students, as well as Russian students, to join the club.

We express our deep gratitude to the KSUAE academic and research center “Urban planning” for their hospitality.

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