Happy professional holiday - Higher School Teacher's Day!


Happy professional holiday - Higher School Teacher's Day!

By Order No. 992 of November 1, 2021, the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov established a professional holiday - Higher School Teacher's Day. The holiday will be celebrated annually on November 19, the birthday of the outstanding Russian scientist and educator Mikhail Lomonosov, one of the founders of national education and Moscow State University.

The establishment of a new professional holiday was initiated in order to increase the prestige of the profession of higher education teaching, which will provide university teaching staff with a status corresponding to their role, and will also increase the interest of young people in the teaching profession and ensure an influx of personnel into the research environment.

The professional holiday was established in the Year of Science and Technology and on the eve of the Year of the Teacher, which once again emphasizes the value and demand for the work of teachers and the role of universities in the education of youth and the development of the country.

A higher school teacher not only teaches students and imparts knowledge to them, but also cultivates interest in this knowledge, the desire to learn new things, and develops curiosity. It is thanks to teachers that young people become interested in research work, make new scientific discoveries, and create promising technologies. This means that a personnel reserve of professionals is being formed for all areas and areas that determine the future of the country.

"Dear teaching staff KSUAE! Congratulations on your professional holiday! I express my gratitude for your noble work, attentive attitude towards students, mentoring work, professional experience and knowledge that you pass on to the younger generation. I wish you all good health, new scientific discoveries, fruitful work and new heights in your profession!"- Rector Rashit Nizamov.

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.