Students of KSUAE - architects and designers - shared their impressions of participation in the design forum "Platform"


Students of KSUAE - architects and designers - shared their impressions of participation in the design forum "Platform"

On March 2, 2023, at the Research and Education Center "Heritage", as part of the International Scientific and Practical Design Forum, a panel session was held on Creative Basics of Design in Modern Conditions. Self-presentation”, which was attended by students of KSUAE, Russian State University named after A.N. Kosygin (Moscow) and Udmurt State University.

Students presented their projects to experts - practicing architects and designers, university professors, as well as to the student audience. Forum participants - students of KSUAE shared their impressions about participation in the session.

Alina Mirzabulatova: “It was my first time as a speaker. It was very interesting to get such an opportunity - to share information with people that is useful to them. Such a meeting gave a lot of positive emotions and energy. In my opinion, face-to-face events provide an opportunity for experts from different niches to get to know each other and share their experience with everyone. I have prepared visual layouts for profiles that experts and brands can use as their content in their accounts for more than a month. I provided a visual for some experts and a clothing brand. Here, the harmony of composition, colors and design played a major role, thanks to which not only unique, but also well-written content was obtained". 

Anastasia Brovkina: “It was not the first time I performed in public, so I felt confident. It was great to talk about myself and my projects in front of experts and current professionals. I presented educational and competitive projects, one of which is a blockhouse project at WorldSkills. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show the competitive work, but the slide shows a clause on the project. It was a blockhouse in the style of constructivism for a family of four, with a garage. The territory was near Kazanka, so it was necessary to take into account the design features next to the water. Each participant coped well, it was interesting to gain experience in "accelerated" design. I liked the projects of guys from other cities - I looked at the design from a professional point of view. We exchanged experience and our achievements, discussed a lot of things. In general, the delight is complete!"

Zulfiya Ziyazova: “It was great to see what other students are doing, what experience they have, the level of work. It was great to hear the opinions of teachers, they prompted interesting thoughts".

Galiullin Garey: “The Design Forum was the first one I had to speak at. It was interesting to observe both similarities and differences in the thinking of architects and designers, to see how it builds into a dialogue. The opinion of the expert council, business proposals and comments, revealing not only theoretical, but also practical aspects of the profession, issues of project management and participation in competitions, were relevant. Personally, I learned a lot about various venues where you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills as an artist and architect, I hope I will be able to try it out soon. I presented two of my projects. Both are associated with graphics: "Leviathan aussichtsturm" and "Bridges - the fifth element." Their creation was not directly related to competitions - victories are secondary, while science and art are primary. Both are an attempt to resolve the dichotomy between the inner feelings of the architect and the fact of the built building. The drawing defines the emotions and feelings of a person contemplating the result of design and construction. This is an attempt to determine the "soul" of the image, to establish the purpose of the search. As for the design forum, I was glad to see guests at our university, I believe in an early new meeting and cooperation!”

Besides, students of KSUAE who presented their projects became participants of the panel session: Adela Gataullina, Ramil Zhdanova, Regina Abdurashitova, Fatih Shakirov, Vadim Utkin.

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.