We invite you to cooperate with the scientific online journal of KSUAE "Secondary resources in the production of building materials"!


We invite you to cooperate with the scientific online journal of KSUAE "Secondary resources in the production of building materials"!

Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce that at the end of 2022, the 10th anniversary edition of the scientific Internet journal "Polymers in Construction" was published. The magazine has been published since 2014.

In 2023, it is planned to change the name and profile of the journal. It will be called "Secondary resources in the production of building materials." Already in this last edition of 2022, the scientific online journal "Polymers in Construction" published articles on topical issues of secondary resources and their disposal.

We look forward to an active response for publishing on the pages of the online journal the materials that are relevant from a scientific and practical point of view. From 2023, the magazine will be published under a new name four times a year.

The new topic of the journal includes the following key questions: 1. Development of compositions and improvement of technologies for the manufacture of effective building materials and products using local raw materials and industrial waste, including the use of materials from the dismantling of buildings and structures. 2. Obtaining building materials of inorganic and organic nature with a given set of performance properties, including special and environmentally friendly. 3. Development of methods for predicting and evaluating the durability of building materials using recycled materials and products under specified operating conditions. 4. Innovative development of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient building materials, including those using recycled resources. 5. Improvement and development of new energy-saving and environmentally efficient technologies for obtaining building materials and products for various purposes. 6. Development of a system for monitoring and assessing the quality of building materials and products. 7. Development and manufacturing technology of effective materials, products and structures for transport construction. 8. Methods and ways of recycling building structures and structures after they have exhausted their resource or fulfilled their target tasks, preventing pollution of the environment. 9. New sources of resources for creating building materials. 10. Effective methods for modifying building materials and products based on organic and inorganic raw materials.

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.