The updated platform of the heat power, gas supply and ventilation department opened its doors 


The updated platform of the heat power, gas supply and ventilation department of the University opened its doors 

On October 31, 2022, the meeting of the Academic Council of KSUAE was held at the renovated Department of Heat Power, Gas Supply and Ventilation, which opened the doors of its educational and scientific laboratories and classes after the renovation of areas based on modern trends.The new scientific and educational center "TEPLOENERGETIKA" is equipped with modern equipment on the principles of public-private partnership with the participation of employers.

Before the meeting, the members of the Academic Council got acquainted with the laboratory and research base of the new Center. The guests were introduced to the new GAZ-SETI/GAZ-NETWORK.LAB gas supply laboratory, equipped with modern stands for testing pressure regulators, gas flow meters and determining the characteristics of natural gas consumers. The laboratory is equipped with devices for determining the composition of gas emissions, stands for studying the conditions of ignition and combustion of gas. An interesting stand "Medical Gas Supply" was mounted by the partner company of KSUAE "World Medicals and ZINNAT".

In the laboratory "Heating" new stands were installed to study the characteristics of thermostatic and balancing fittings, determine the thermal and hydraulic characteristics of modern types of heating devices. The equipment for the stands was handed over by the partner companies HERZ ARMATUREN and TECE.

For the new laboratory "Heat Engineering and Thermal Power Engineering", KSUAE purchased stands for laboratory workshops in the disciplines "Thermodynamics", "Heat and Mass Transfer", "Construction Thermal Physics", where students will learn the basics of the profession: gas laws, processes of heat transfer by convection, thermal conductivity, thermal radiation. It will now be convenient to carry out the operation of pumps in the network at the stand given to the department by the partner company WILO RUS. Masters and bachelors will be able to conduct practical classes on stands that simulate the work of heat consumers - supply ventilation systems, heat exchangers of various designs, underfloor heating systems. As part of the "Heat Supply" discipline, students receive a new test bench that simulates a heat network and its consumers (buildings of different heights and hydraulic resistance).

Head of the Department R.G.Safiullin introduced the active participants in the creation of the Center. The design and architectural project were carried out by associate professors of the Department of Theory and Practice of Architecture with the participation of the associate professor of the Department. Installation of stands was carried out by masters students. 

The rector of KSUAE thanked representatives of partner companies for cooperation and assistance in the reconstruction of the Department: "HERZ ARMATUREN", "TESE", "World Medicals and ZINNAT", and also the branch "VILO RUS" in Kazan.

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.