KSUAE Architecture school at the Lisbon Triennial of Architecture (Portugal)


KSUAE Architecture school at the Lisbon Triennial of Architecture: exposition at the world-class architecture festival 

The Lisbon Triennial of Architecture is an important event in the architectural world, which is held every three years in the capital of Portugal - Lisbon - and attracts tens of thousands of spectators.The Triennial brings together professionals from all over the world to discuss topical issues and the latest achievements in the field of architecture, the best architectural bureaus and workshops, as well as the best architectural schools in the world, are represented here.

To select the participants of the exhibition, an open international competition of student projects was held, in which leading architectural schools from all over the world took part, but only 6 applications were selected! This is an application from architectural schools: Bartlett (Great Britain), Harvard (USA), Bergen School of Architecture (Norway), Munster University of Technology (Ireland) and Studio Tiarch KSUAE (Russia)!

The 2022 Triennial is being held for the 6th time and is held under the theme Terra - "Earth". The Triennale program consists of four exhibitions, four books, three awards, three days of conferences and a selection of independent projects. The Triennial 2022 explores how global ways of human interaction with the environment are changing: taking into account climate problems, pressure on natural resources, socio-economic and environmental inequalities. Through the exchange of knowledge and practices, the Lisbon Triennale 2022 proposes to re-evaluate the architectural paradigm from a linear growth model (“cities as machines”) to a cyclical evolutionary model (“cities as organisms”). The Triennial showcases ambitious projects and development strategies - realized and conceptual - and invites architects, artists, designers and engineers to a productive discussion.

This year, for the first time, an open competition of student projects has been held at the Lisbon Triennial. Thus, the works of students-architects of KSUAE were selected for the exhibition "Visionaries". A team of students prepared the "Form Time / Time Form" display case. It is dedicated to the author's methodology for teaching visionary architects, which was developed by the architect-teacher of KSUAE, the founder of the Tiarch studio Ilnar Akhtyamov. The exposition of the studio includes hand-made graphic and layout materials, the exposition is presented at the cultural center Culturgest in Lisbon. In addition, the works of KSUAE students are covered in two essays in the Triennial collection: on the topics of the future of manual graphics (“Drawing at the Speed ​​of Thought”) and organic design methods.

The exposition presented by the KSUAE Tiarch studio was the result of a long and painstaking work, starting from the moment the idea for the application for the competition was formed (January 2022), through several stages of discussions and reviews of developments with the curators of the exhibition to the final materials of the exposition, flying a long way to its destination.

The Lisbon Triennial of Architecture runs until December and is open to all who are interested, as well as the public Talk! Talk! Talk!, which will take place at the end of October.

The opening of the 6th Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2022 took place on 30 September. Guides on exhibitions, publications and events of the Triennale will be updated on the official website https://www.trienaldelisboa.com/

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