KSUAE academic staff completed a two-week internship in Hungary and Italy

17 17/12/2021

KSUAE academic staff completed a two-week internship in Hungary and Italy

KSUAE professors completed an internship at Obuda University in Budapest (Hungary) and University of Basilicata in Potenza (Italy).

From November 27 to December 4, 2021 - the first week of the internship was held at Obud University (Hungary). Here the experience of the international magistracy in English was studied, as well as the issues of increasing the efficiency of land use as a result of the application of "green standards" in construction.

The second week of the internship (December 6-10) was held at the University of Basilicata (Italy). University contact: Professor Pietro Picuno, his research areas include: efficient use of land, geographic information system (GIS), research and interpretation of cartographic indicators, the use of local (traditional) building materials in the construction of rural farm buildings.

The internship topics were focused on applications for urban cadastre, agriculture and engineering systems in land management, namely:

- land classification in Italy. Foreign experience in land surveying;

- landscape planning using spatial modeling and image processing of historical maps;

- traditional building materials for sustainable rural development;

- national outbuildings in landscape planning: typological analysis;

- Historical cartography and GIS tools for land use analysis;

- modern surveying tools: buffer tool, clip tool, statistics tool, etc.

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