KSUAE again becomes the only Russian university at the international exhibition Biennale of Architecture in Venice (Italy) 2021!

2 122/11/2021

KSUAE again becomes the only Russian university at the international exhibition Biennale of Architecture in Venice (Italy) 2021!

From 22 to 24 October 2021, a group of students from KSUAE took part in the 17th International Exhibition on Architecture (Biennale), which was held from 22 May to 21 November 2021 in Venice (Italy). For the third time in a row (2016, 2018 and 2021), our students with presentations of their architectural projects participate in the Venice Biennale, which takes place every two years. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the exhibition was postponed to 2021.

In addition, KSUAE again became the only Russian university to participate in the student session Biennale Sessions as part of a delegation of students from the University of Basilicata (Italy), our partner university.

A group of our students presented their project “Housing in social partnership” along with well-known universities in Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, America, etc. The project was curated by Professor of Architecture Franco Grossi (Italy). The authors of the project are KSUAE students and graduates: Diana Khusnutdinova, Elena Galiaskarova, Karina Arsentieva, Olga Vlasova and Arina Denisova. The main goal of the project is to awaken interest in social interaction between people of different origins, professions, age groups and areas of interest. The goal is achieved by creating common spaces at different levels of interaction between neighbors: on each floor, in each house and in the residential complex itself. The project also developed housing concepts for various climatic conditions using local sustainable materials and building technologies.

The 2021 exhibition was held under the motto "How we will live together", chosen by its curator, Lebanese architect Hashim Sarkis.

The exhibition covered 5 thematic sections. The Arsenal featured three sections - “Among Diverse Creatures”, “New Communities” and “New Households”, while “Across Borders” and “As One Planet” could be seen in the Central Pavilion of the Biennale Gardens.

In addition to participating in the exhibition and presenting their project, the students attended the “SKAL Europe Award” and V-A-C Zattere - the Venetian space of the V-A-C Foundation, on the basis of which exhibition spaces and architectural workshops are located.

In general, the participation of students in this exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the world's leading trends in architecture, expand contacts with various international organizations, universities and workshops in the field of architecture, and improve their professional level.

All our students received a certificate of participation in the Biennale!

For information: The Venice Architecture Biennale is one of the most famous forums of world architecture, an international exhibition held every two years with the participation of an authoritative international jury. The Biennale determines the main trends in the development of urban planning and architecture for the next few years, identifies the potential of planned and already implemented projects.

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