An architect from Switzerland, an expert in urban planning, met with KSUAE students

5 606/12/2021

An architect from Switzerland, an expert in urban planning met with KSUAE students

Within the Kazanysh architectural and construction forum, which takes place on December 1-3 in Kazan, one of the leading experts of the forum, a scientific researcher in the field of architecture and urban planning from Switzerland Stanislava Boshkovich, visited KSUAE.

Stanislava Boskovich met with students of the Institute of Architecture and Design. 

Stanislava Boskovich is an architect from Switzerland. She completed her postgraduate studies in Architecture with a Territorial Approach at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio (Switzerland). She began her teaching career at the Polytechnic University of Milan. She has done research at Imperial College London on the use of new tools to design cities for the next generation. Serves as a visiting lecturer at various universities in Western Europe and Russia. She is an organizer and participant of international seminars and conferences. Fluent in 5 languages. Practicing architect and urbanist.

In 2014, together with her scientific advisor, Professor Jose Acebillo (Barcelona, ​​Spain), as scientific coordinator Stanislava Boshkovich, she took part in the organization and holding of the international project and educational seminar "INSERTS-INSERTS" at KSUAE, the purpose of which was to search for conceptual approaches to the settlements.

Stanislava told the students and teachers of KSUAE about her professional path, interesting projects in which she participated, answered questions.

Stanislava Boskovich called on architects to constantly improve their professional level and acquire new knowledge.

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