First results of the Open International Students' Internet Olympiad on mechanics


The results of the first (university) stage of the Open International Students’ Internet Olympiad on theoretical mechanics are announced. 44 KSUAE students of 1st -3rd years of study participated in the first stage of the Olympiad. 

Five students scored maximum points and passed to the final second stage (inter-university) of the Olympiad. Among them are Ilya Glazkov (19 points), Azamat Kamaev (12 points), Daniil Vybornov (11points), Emil Minnekhanov(11points), Anastasiya Bogolyubova (11points).

Congratulations to the winners!

Organizers of the Оpen International Students’ Internet Olympiads are "National Fund of Innovation Support in Education sphere" and "Scientific research Institute of monitoring quality of education".