Our students organized a charity concert "Hand in hand"


On 15th of March at one of the city's culture and leisure centres in terms of the Student Art Festival “Freshman’s Day of KSUAE” a charity consort in support of public organization «Just other» and autonomous non-profit organization «School for all» was held. These organizations are focused on advocacy and support for children with Autism and their families.

The concert was organized by the student council of our Institute of Building Technology, Engineering and Ecology Systems in close cooperation with students of other KSUAE institutes.

A variety of concert acts was accompanied by a video tour of charities of the Republic of Tatarstan. All this was aimed to find an answer to the main question of the event “What is kindness?”.

The funds received from the sale of tickets to the charity concert and during the fair were transferred to the funds of the organizations «Just other» and «School for all».