Seminar for academic staff within the dual degree programme


On February 06, 2021 the academic staff of our University, engaged in the delivery of the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL, participated in online seminar on "Student Assessment System: Bloom's Taxonomy".

The headliner and speaker of the seminar was Dr Dilyara Shakirova, the Expert on International Education, Institute for Educational Development of the Republic of Tatarstan, Institute of "Applied Semiotics", Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Dr Olga Poroshenko, Head of the International Relations of the KSUAE, made an introduction into the seminar and also announced about the transition to the UEL New Academic Framework within the British programme starting from September 2021.

Dr Shakirova talked about Interconnection of requirements for the quality of education, competence approach and ways to assess learning (education) outcomes; about International requirements for the quality of vocational education. In particular, she talked about the Taxonomy system: how to distribute complexly organized areas of reality into classes and groups; mostly about Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy. Benjamin Bloom, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, proposed the taxonomy in 1956 as a method for assessing the success of teaching process. 

Such method is widely used in assessments of student progress within our dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL. Therefore, the staff engaged in the programme should know the subject very well.

This seminar is an advanced training organized from time to time for our staff and such trainings are mandatory for all programme leaders and module leaders of the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL.

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