Students are invited to participate in the international competition Steel2Real'21


We invite our students to participate in the prestigious international competition of student projects Steel2Real'21, organized by the Association for the Development of Steel Construction (ARCC).

The contestants will have to describe and justify the external and internal views of the dormitory building, its spatial, planning and functional organization, architectural and artistic solutions, as well as options for finishing the premises. In addition, proposals should contain architectural and construction measures to ensure the protection of premises from noise, vibration and other influences. In addition, it is necessary to determine the structural scheme, taking into account the space-planning decisions.

This competition is open to undergraduate, specialist and graduate students of any form of education of any universities, college students of any specialty. Also, participants in the "Steel2Real'2021" competition can be young specialists who graduated from a university or college not earlier than 2018.

In 2020, students from more than 60 Russian and foreign universities took part in the competition. The competition is intended to popularize the use of steel as a promising material in construction and to motivate market participants for the use of metal structures.