Graduation projects on Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction Management 2021ION MANAGEMENT 2021, within the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL


In June, 2021, the students of the seventh graduation of the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL ( ) in the areas of "Architecture", "Civil Engineering" and "Construction Management" presented their final year projects. The presentations of the graduation projects took place in a remote format. All presentations were conducted entirely in English.

The examination Board consisted of professors from the University of East London:

Peter Lakin - expert and senior lecturer in the field of BIM technologies and engineering surveys, Honorary Professor of KSUAE; Fawad Inam - Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Programs, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Renee Tobe - Doctor of Architecture, Head of Research Programs in the History and Theory of Architecture, Professor; Honorary Professor of KSUAE; as well as an external independent expert prof. Franco Grossi - architect, ergonomist, professor at the University of Udine (Italy), Honorary Professor of KSUAE and the teaching staff of our University, involved in the delivery of the programme.

This year, the topics of the projects were issues of construction of multifunctional high-rise and residential buildings and complexes, parking spaces, an exhibition pavilion; various topical issues of architectural design and restoration of the Silver Age museum, a rehabilitation center, renovation of the territory of markets, secondary schools, public complexes and many other interesting architectural and construction projects. In total, this year there are 21 graduates. Students answered numerous questions from foreign experts and members of the examination Board. Colleagues from the University of East London  gave each student some recommendations for even more successful implementation of future projects, focusing on the sustainable development of the designed territories.

All Board members wished the graduates success in their future careers and the implementation of their projects. We congratulate the graduates of 2021 with the completion of the Programme and with that in addition to the Russian bachelor's degree of KSUAE, they will get its international (British) equivalent - from the University of East London!

The KSUAE-UEL dual degree programmes have been delivered at our University since 2012.

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