KSUAE presented its research results for the Road industry


Our Rector Prof. Rashit Nizamov and Vice Rector for Research Evgeniy Vdovin took part in the Final Panel of the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Panel was headed by the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan F.M. Khanifov.

Our University presented its innovative scientific developments for Road industry in a specialized exhibition organized within the Panel.

Within the event, the Cooperation Agreement was concluded among our University, Volga State University of Water Transport and Joint Stock Company "Shipbuilding Corporation" AK Bars". The Agreement provides for cooperation in joint research and developments for topical areas, in particular, to interact on the development of inland water transport and inland waterways, to exchange experience on the introduction of innovative materials and technologies. The Agreement also provides for joint vocational training of personnel in the field of reinforced concrete shipbuilding, the organization of industry and joint meetings, seminars, round tables, etc.

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Collaboration Agreement signed with the Construction Cluster of Slovenia (CCS)


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering and Construction Cluster of Slovenia (CCS, Slovenski gradbeni grozd) have signed the collaboration Agreement establishing academic, scientific and cultural cooperation between two institutions in the field of construction, green building, sustainbale construction, circular economy and its digitalization. The cooperation between both Parties includes Realization and joint participation in programmes and projects at national and international level; Promotion and participation in joint face-to-face and virtual conferences, seminars, symposiums, summer schools and master classes; Realization of joint online and distant workshops and lectures for students and staff in order to develop the competencies of KSUAE students and graduates and to unite science, education and the real sector of the economy, which is one of the important modern trends in world education.

The Cluster was a part of the International Consortium within the Erasmus+ Project 574049-EPP-1-2016-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP “Modernization of the Curricula in sphere of smart building engineering - Green Building” (2016-2019). Our University particpated in the Project too.


Russian Student Day at KSUAE


Annually before the winter vacations our University organizes a great party related to the Russian Student Day or Tatyana's Day celebrated annualy on 25 January. Usually all the tests and exams are copleted to that day so students can have fun. Not just students, but professors and staff of the University are involved. That day we usually have a football match, arm-wrestling, tug war, etc. As it is winter outside activity we always have hot tea and traditional pilaf not to catch cold.

We hope, you can join us next year!

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President of Tatarstan with the visit to the University


The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov visited our academic and research centers "Technologies" and "Roads".

The guests of the University were shown the capacity of the new research and educational centers "Technologies" and "Roads", their advantages in solving educational and research issues, modern equipment that allows developing high-quality building materials and structures on the local raw material base, and also innovative developments of the University researchers aimed at reducing the import of durable aggregate, cement and metal into the Republic of Tatarstan.

“An excellent base, a very high level of professionals who work there (within the KSUAE), - pointed the President of Tatarstan. “Of course, we must use all technologies and our students should get the highest level of education, all opportunities are there.” The President  nominated our University as "the most worthy higher educational institution", "the best today, the most promising" University.



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Students of the dual degree programme at the International online course on the "green" building standards BREEAM AG


Currently several students of the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL are taking an International online course, a program of additional professional education on the "green" building standards BREEAM AG. This course has become possible and accessible to our students thanks to cooperation with the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. For the course our students of civil engineering and architecture specialties were selected who are interested in working with green building standards.

The programme was developed by the Moscow University in cooperation with the Russian Council for Green Building and the Built Environment Education Academy of Great Britain (BRE Academy). Great Britain is one of the world leaders in green building. The BREEAM program was launched in the country in 1990, and is still very popular today.

The online course is being implemented for the second time, this year it runs from November 2020 to January 2021. The program is fully adapted for national higher education institutions, taking into account the practice of green building in the Russian Federation. The course is held on the platform of the BRE Academy. After training the participants are issued a certificate of the international standard BRE Academy.

We wish all our students successful completion of the programme and improve their professional level!

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