“Today’s builder should feel the whole responsibility to society, be honest, have innovative thinking, good sense of humor and love sport …”

Prof. Rashit Nizamov

The Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) is one of the leading universities of higher professional education in architecture and civil engineering in the Volga region of Russia and in whole Russia.

Our University has 2-level education system (bachelor and master degrees) that promotes the integration into the international education system. The University structure includes 3 institutes, 11 faculties (17 specialties) and 48 departments. There are 7 thousand full time and part-time students. The University gives also a possibility of getting the second higher additional education including pre-university training, retraining and advanced training for specialists and directors.

The KSUAE has high teaching, scientific and technical potential. The KSUAE collaborates closely with the Russian Academy of Architecture and Engineering Sciences.

Social and cultural mission of the KSUAE is to preserve and to improve aesthetics of the architectural image of the region and to maintain high quality living environment of its inhabitants. The innovative technologies of the KSUAE in training of highly qualified professionals enhance the reputation of engineering and construction industry of the region at the national and international levels.


Our University provides:

- professional up to day education in architecture, civil engineering, road–transport sector, ecological sustainability;

- scientific support for the civil engineering industry in the Volga region;

- restoration and surveying of the architectural heritage of Republic of Tatarstan.