Two student teams of KSUAE at the leading construction site "Peaceful Atom"


This year more than a hundred applications were submitted to particpate in the All-Russian student construction site "Peaceful Atom", and only 38 teams, having coped with tough competition, passed the competitive selection.

Among them, only two teams from the Republic of Tatarstan, which are based in the Headquarters of the student teams at our University, are student construction brigades "Irbis" and "Kazan".

The "Peaceful Atom" is one of the leading construction projects in Russia, which is taking place at the capital construction projects in the Chelyabinsk region, Ozersk. The State Corporation Rosatom acts as an employer from year to year.

More than 700 representatives of student teams from all over Russia work at the facility annually, but it takes a lot of effort to get on the project. We congratulate our teams with their participation in the "Peaceful Atom" and wish them high performance indicators and high-quality commissar activity!

The News in English is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.

The Company UD Group with the visit at KSUAE


On 2nd April students of our Institute of Economics and Construction Industry Management (academic course “Expertise and real estate management”) and Institute of Civil Engineering (academic course “Industrial and civil engineering) of KSUAE met with UD Group Company representatives.

The Chief Human Resource Officer of UD Group Zulfia Chernova explained students that UD Group is engaged in the construction and management of commercial, office and hotel segments of commercial properties. Among the key objects there are Trade Center «GorkiPark», Trade Center “KazanMall”, hotel «Ramada», business center «Sphere», network of offices «Smart Space», business center «Ostrovsky» etc. The portfolio of promising projects is more than 200,000 sq.m. and includes the first retail park Trade Center «Tsarevo» and Trade Center «ART City Mall». One of the main Company's goals is to find and implement innovative ideas in the construction, sale and operation of real estate.

UD Group inspired students to step up with their own innovative projects promising a cash prize to the top three winners, the opportunity to implement a project in the UD Group Company, to upgrade skills and to get the feedback on the project from experts”.

The News in English is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.

Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan with the visit to KSUAE


Yesterday the Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Khanifov visited KSUAE.

Our Rector Rashit Nizamov, Vice Rector for Research Yevgeniy Vdovin and Director of the Institute of Transport Structures Aleksey Fomin demontstrated him our innovative academic and research Center "Roads". Here Farid Khanifov gave welcome speech to the employees of regional road construction enterprises who attended the advanced training courses «Construction safety and design quality of roads and airfields» and «Construction of highways and advanced technologies of construction and operation at particularly dangerous, technically complex and unique facilities». The courses are organised on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustem Minnikhanov, with the support of our Rector Rashit Nizamov, the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan and Public institution «Glavtatdortrans».

In his speech the Minister drew attention to the current problems and challenges of the road and transport industry, stressed the importance of constantly increasing the level of professional competencies of the employees, the need to acquire new knowledge and study innovative technologies. The Minister hopes that the courses at the Institute of Transport Structures of KSUAE will help in solving these problems, since they are conducted by leading teaching staff of KSUAE, specialists with work experience at large companies and professors invited from Russian and foreign partner universities. The courses are held at the modern academic and research Center the “Roads”, equipped with modern equipment.

Further, the Minister visited an exhibition of creative projects of the students of our Institute of Architecture and Design, as well as a personal exhibition of paintings made by the artist, Honored Architect of the Republic of Tatarstan, member of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation, academician of the International Academy of Art and Culture, professor of KSUAE Ravil Aydarov.

The Minister visited also our new Academic, Research and Design Center for territorial and spatial development of cities "Urban Planning". This is the 6th innovative platform of KSUAE, aimed to increase the efficiency of personnel training in the field of "Urban planning", profiles "Urban planning" and "Landscape design", research activities and projects on development of territories, etc.

The News is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.

Welcome Day at KSUAE for prospective students


28th of March at KSUAE the Welcome Day for school students, graduates of upper secondary vocational schools and their parents was held.

Guests visited our scientific, educational and creative areas, met our academic staff who explained them the possibilities of the unique spaces created at the university, demonstrated modern equipment, and informed about major fields of study of our University.

Guests visited The Architectural and Educational Center «», The Academic and Research Center «STRENGTH», The Academic and Research Center for Building materials and technologies «TECHNOLOGY», The Center of Engineering Systems in Construction «SYSTEMS», the innovative academic and research Center "Roads".

In his speech Rector Rashit Nizamov drew attention to the rapid development of the construction industry in the country and our region Tatarstan, called on alumni to make the most important choice in their lives correctly, consciously, so that the future profession would be interesting and in demand. The Rector, addressing the applicants, stressed: “The choice is difficult but necessary. Your decision is to choose your future. Choose the right way and strive for your goal! Enroll wherever you want, by your heart. Do what you like!”

The Rector wished good luck in preparing for the Unified State Exam and the university admissions tests. The results of these exams determine the study direction and the future occupation. The Rector also told the guests about the latest achievements of KSUAE students and teachers in educational and research activities.

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KSUAE Team won the regional ski race


On the 28th of March the regional ski race for the prize of the Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Master of Sports of Republic of Tatarstan Ania Galimullina took place.

The competition took place in the new format - relay in six stages. Children of primary school age competed first, followed by young people and experienced participants of different ages.

The KSUAE Team consisted of students, teachers and administrative staff.

The KSUAE team took FIRST AWARD!

The competition ended with a tea party with pancakes and homemade jam.

The sponsor of the competition awarded the winners with valuable prizes. The Honored Master of Sports of Republic of Tatarstan Ania Galimullina also took part in the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to the KSUAE team!

The News in English is submitted by International Relations Dept of the University.