1. Natural light-tone drawing



 2. Composition of geometric bodies (three-dimensional
   geometric bodies that intersect in space, partially inserted,
   "cut" into each other



payment wallThe following mandatory fees should be paid starting from your application and arrival to our University:

1. State fee / 800 rubles:
it is paid remotely (by bank transfer or Western Union system) before getting and sending our invitation document for you to get your Russian visa (as all international students need a student visa to come to Russia issued by a Russian Embassy or Consulate in their home country.
To get such an invitation document first
we need submit all your documents to our Federal Migration Office (FMO) that will issue it in 4-5 weeks after submitting our request.

2. Medical insurance / 4 500 rubles:
it is paid upon your arrival to our University during first 10 days. The insurance covers all emergency medical treatment for the whole period of your study.

3. Tuition fee: 
it is paid by bank transfer to the University bank account (see below) as soon as you are enrolled to the University and signed the Study Agreement. All actual tuition fees can be found here (Bachelor courses), here (Master courses), here (PhD courses) and here (Russian language course).

4. Accommodation fee / 14.200 rubles:
it is paid at once
for one year accomodation in case if you choose our University hostel, also by bank transfer.

Our bank details for any payments in Russia in roubles (in Russian):

ИНН: 1655018025
КПП: 165501001
Получатель: УФК по Республике Татарстан (КазГАСУ, л/с 20116X06860)
Расчётный счет: 03214643000000011100
Корреспондентский счет: 40102810445370000079
Код дохода: 00000000000000000130
Наименование банка: ОТДЕЛЕНИЕ-НБ РЕСПУБЛИКА ТАТАРСТАН БАНКА РОССИИ//УФК по Республике Татарстан г. Казань
БИК: 019205400
ОКТМО: 92701000
ОГРН (Основной государственный регистрационный номер): 1021602836485
ОКПО: 02069622
ОКОПФ: 75103
ОКВЭД: 85.22

Our bank details for any payments abroad (in English):

VAT number: 1655018025
Account holder:FEDERAL TREASURY for Republic of Tatarstan (KSUAE, client number 20116X06860)
Payment Account: 03214643000000011100
Correspondent Account: 40102810445370000079
Income code: 00000000000000000130
BIC: 019205400
OKTMO: 92701000
OGRN (Main registration number): 1021602836485 



A student visa for entry to Russia is not required for citizens of Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Russia, as well as holders of diplomatic visas. Citizens of other countries must obtain a student visa prior to their arrival in Russia.

How do I get a student visa to study at our University?

1. Before applying for a Russian visa, you must be admitted to the University.

2. Carefully check your passport: its expiry date must be at least 18 months away from your planned date of entry into Russia. It must also contain at least four blank pages for your Russian visa and entry/exit stamps. If you do not have enough blank pages in your passport, you must apply for a new one. The duration of your stay in Russia depends on the expiry date on your passport and your period of enrolment.

3. You need an invitation in order to get an initial single-entry student visa, which will allow you to enter Russia only once and will last for 90 days. A multiple-entry study visa will be issued upon your arrival to Russia.

How can I get an invitation for a student visa?

Your invitation will be sent you by email within 40-45 days from the date when all required documents have been successfully submitted to our Migration Office. We do not advise to book tickets until you receive a visa invitation.

3. Where can I apply for a student visa?

Visit a website of the Russian Embassy or Consulate (please see the full list here) where you plan to get your visa, and check the list of required documents and the procedure. You can book an appointment in advance, but please keep in mind the visa invitation processing time.

If you find an error in your visa, contact the Russian Embassy or Consulate, which issued your visa.




To be admitted to all our courses taught in Russian the first and the most important thing is to know Russian language. You should be able to read, write and speak Russian well. Therefore, you should submit a relevant certificate of Russian language or if you do not speak Russian you have to take any Russian language course and get a relevant certificate, before proceeding to our academic degree courses. It usually takes about 1 year to learn Russian before sending any application for degree courses.

At our University we have also the Russian language course which gives you the possibility to study Russian as a foreign language. This course is just to study Russian language and it doesn’t assume the further automatic admission to our Bachelor or Master programmes.

There is only one intake a year for this course starting from November or January and ending in June

At the end of the course you should pass an interview and a written examination in Russian that will enable you to have a relevant certificate.

The course fee is  100.000 roubles.

If you are not elder than 26 years old at the moment of your application you are welcome to our University courses.


APPLICATION PROCESS includes the following steps taking into account that the Russian language course starts in November:

Step 1:

At any moment (but not later than August) you send us an email including the following information and the copies of some documents:

-          Application Form completed with your data;

-          Copy of academic certificates of your previous schools, with transcript of records;

-         Copy of your travel passport valid not less 18 months (1st page) from the moment you get our invitation letter.

To get a visa (as all international students need a student visa to come to Russia issued by a Russian Embassy or Consulate in their home country) we, first, submit nt all your documents to our Federal Migration Office (FMO) that will issue the invitation document in 4-5 weeks after submitting our request.

Step 2:

We consider your application and if you meet our entry requirements we will contact you directly as soon as possible providing you with the information about next enrolment procedures. In case you accept and agree with all enrolment terms and deadlines you are obliged to inform us about it in writing by email as soon as possible to start the official invitation procedure. Besides, you should notify us if you need a room in our student residence or not.

Step 3:

As soon as the invitation document is ready we will send you by email the Invitation document. With this document and your passport you will go to the local Russian Embassy or Consulate and you will be issued the visa. The copy of your invitation document will be sent also directly to your local Russian Embassy you have specified in your Application Form.

The first visa will be valid for 3 months and enable you to make only one entry to Russia. Further it will be extended for 1 year.

Step 4:

After getting your Russian visa you should buy travel tickets to Kazan and inform us about your arrival date. You should arrive 3-5 days before starting date of the course.

Step 5:

On your arrival to Kazan airport or railway station you should take a taxi there and get our campus:

if at night - at the following address of our student residence: Kalinina street, 19, hostel No 4;

if during daytime - at the following address: Kalinina street, 43, International Relations Dept., room 3-219.

Step 6:

All international students are required by law to be registered with our local Immigration Office immediately on their arrival to Russia.

On the 1st day of your arrival to Kazan you are OBLIGED to submit the following original documents to the International Admission Office:

-          your valid travel passport;

-          your migration card;

-          original academic certificates of your previous schools, with transcript of records, in case if you plan to continue your study at our degree programmes;

-          original medical certificates including all your vaccinations (as per Application Form);

-          6 photos (3х4cm) (color or black/white).

Step 7:

On your arrival you should pay:

-         State fee for your invitation document - 800 rubles;

-         your course fee by bank transfer to our University bank account (the account details will be given you on arrival);

-          accommodation fee of 20 430 rubles (for 10 months) also by bank transfer (in case you choose our student residence);

-          medical insurance of 4 500 rubles (in cash) that covers the entire period of your study. 

The students not attending the course and breaching the rules of staying in Russia are expelled from the University and are subject to deportation.


Accommodation in our student residence

All international students live in our student hostel sharing one room with 2 or 3 students on equal rights with Russian students. Or you can find any accommodation outside the campus with more comfortable living conditions (at separate cost).

For any additional inquiries you are welcome to contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE)

International Relations Department

Academic building No.3, room 3-219

Zelenaya Str., 1 - 420043 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel: +7 (843) 510 4648 /526 9313

Fax: +7 (843) 238 7972

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





10 recommendations for what to do in Kazan that will ensure you get the most out of the city.


Currency in Russia is a Rouble (RUB). All payments in Russian cities are made in roubles: in cash or by credit card.
The cost of living in dollars or euro depends on their exchange rate at the moment of your arrival or living.

We can give you just approximate Basic expenses in roubles that you can bear in our city.

The tuition fee in our University varies from RUB 98.300 to 156.300  per year depending on the course you choose.
The students who are admitted to state-funded places on a competitive basis or who are awarded a government scholarship (quotas) study free-of-charge. Those students get a state scholarship per month: undergraduates - about RUB 1.800; posgraduates - about RUB 3.000-8.600.
Architecture students have to buy materials and instruments for drawing lessons or making projects.
The price of rented accommodation in Kazan depends on its location and type. It varies from RUB 15.000 to RUB 30.000 per month.
Medical Insurance
A voluntary medical insurance policy for our students costs about 4.500 roubles a year. The insurance shall cover ambulance, urgent aid, strong aches, the entire education period.
Meal Expenses
The minimum shopping basket (including bread, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, milk, and sugar) depends on what and where you buy (corner shop, supermarket, market). An average lunch in Kazan cafes and restaurants ranges from RUB 500 to 2.000, while a set lunch costs between 270 and 420 roubles. Fast-food prices are even lower, about RUB 200-300. In our University canteen a lunch is about RUB 150, in an average level cafe - RUB 250 - 500. 
A single journey on the Kazan subway or any public transport bus costs RUB 35. 

Cellular Communication, Internet
SIM-cards for mobile phones and tablets are sold in phone stores. You need your passport (indicating registration at your place of residence) and a migration card to buy a SIM-card. Ask in store for advice on the best rates (cost of calls, sms-text, data, etc.). The cost of a standard package of services ranges from RUB 300 to 400. When you buy a SIM-card, the cost of the card is credited to the phone number account and then you top up the balance depending on the tariff plan. We have such cellular suppliers like Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Tattelecom. wifi in public spaces is free of charge (supermarkets, some parks, underground).
There are plenty of stores of popular brands, both international and Russian. The clothing prices are generally higher than in Europe but high-quality and cheap clothing can always be found during the sales. For example, you can find a T-shirt for RUB 500 or jeans for minimum RUB 1.200-1.500. Shoes about RUB 2.000.
Cultural Pursuits
Kazan theatre tickets cost from 800 to 2.500 roubles and cinema tickets, 400 to 1.000 roubles. A museum ticket costs about 200 to 1.000 roubles. Many cultural centres offer discounts for students, and some museums can be visited free with a valid student card. 
The average cost of a monthly pass to fitness centres varies from 1.200 to 4.500 roubles in Kazan. When you buy an annual pass, the average monthly cost will be lower. A monthly swimming pool pass costs 300 to 500 roubles.
Entry to clubs in Kazan is generally free of charge, and visitors buy drinks and snacks. The average price of a cocktail in Kazan clubs is 500 roubles and 300 roubles. Young people in Kazan spend 2.000 to 5.000 roubles per weekend.