STCCE 2021. Day 1: Architecture and planning

The 2nd International Scientific Conference on Socio-Technical Construction and Civil Engineering (STCCE - 2021) is taking place at KSUAE. Today (April, 21) was the day of "Architecture and Planning" section. Foreign delegates from Italy (L.Mucciolo), Greece (A. Prepis and E.Tsakiri) delivered their reports related to sustainable development and urban planning, and the cultural experience that has been accumulated in modern architecture of urban planning.
Participants from Tyumen made a presentation on the results of the successful implementation of green energy facilities in the city's planning structure. Olga Pastukh from Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering told about the results of the modern polymer materials and wood introduction in the construction of buildings in the form of geodesic domes.
In addition, nine more reports were presented on the current results of scientific research carried out at the departments of the Institute of Architecture and Design.
Up-to-date technical capabilities of tele- and videoconferencing were implemented while the meeting of "Architecture and Planning" section.
The organizers are thankful to the participants for the high level of their reports. The results will be published in the collection of scientific articles of our conference.
The conference will last till April, 28. All the information about the conference program can be found on the conference website:

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