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There are 8 departments at the Institute:

  • Production safety and law
  • Mechanics
  • Metal structures and construction tests
  • Technologies, organization and mechanization of construction
  • Reinforced concrete and stone structures
  • Foundations and basements, dynamics of structures and engineering geology
  • Physics, electrical engineering and automatics
  • Information technology and computer aided design

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

- Construction (Industrial and civil engineering), full time and part time tuition

- Information systems and technologies, full time tuition

Specialty programme (6 years tuition) in Construction of unique buildings and structures
Specialization: Construction of high-rise and long-span buildings and structures, full time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

  • Research of the Institute
  • Construction (Theory and Design of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings), full time tuitioN
  • Construction (Theory and design of foundations, basements and underground structures), full time tuitioN
  • Construction (Theory and practice of organizational and technological and economic decisions), full time tuition
  • Construction (Technical operation and reconstruction of buildings and structures), full time tuition

The scientific achievements of the Institute are:

  1. Development, research and improvement of methods of calculation of structures and facilities: developing new and improving existing methods of calculation and designing of metal, concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and reinforced stone structures in view of specific characteristics of the stress-strain condition; development and research of structural constructions; development and implementation of effective bearing systems of buildings and structures;
  2. Applied Geomechanics in construction: structural dynamics, rheology.
  3. Technology and organization of construction: improving the technology and organization of works in the construction of buildings and structures; improvement of the management system for construction quality; improving the efficiency of building production on account of energy savings;
  4. Research in the field of mechanics of deformable solid: mechanics of thin and thick shells, keeping the features of mechanical properties of structural materials such as non-linear elasticity, plasticity, creep, geometric nonlinearity, change of material properties under the influence of aggressive external fields.

Postgraduate fields of study:

  • "Building structures, buildings and facilities";
  • "Foundations and substructures, underground structures";
  • "Building materials and products";
  • "Mechanics of deformable solids";
  • "Computer-aided design";
  • "Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes";
  • "Condensed Matter Physics";
  • "Material, complex and functional analysis".


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

Institute of Civil Engineering

Zelenaya Str., 1 - 420043 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel:  +7 (843) 510 46 72